You are currently viewing Today’s Spiritual Message for Your Zodiac Sign! March 22, 2020

Today’s Spiritual Message for Your Zodiac Sign! March 22, 2020

The daily spiritual messages for your Zodiac Sign!

The change may not be easy, but it will be well worth it. When you resist change you are trying to control the outcome rather than paying attention to the process. You have the ability to change with grace and gratitude for what it brings.

Read the message for your zodiac sign below to get a better idea of what to expect for the day.



Spiritual Message for Aries:

Spiritual Message for AriesAries, with Venus and Neptune forming a sextile, you have great energy with you today for imagination, forgiveness, rest and release of stress.

At the same time, you may want to re-center yourself a bit with Mars approaching a conjunction with Pluto. You might decide to do something creative, physical or to relieve tension.

Giving the kind of approval and affection that you would like to receive is a good idea now because the energies are good for promoting peace and harmony, which seems important now and is mutually beneficial. It can also be a good time to get new ideas on how to manage your finances, although you may also be attracted to more comfort.

On the other side, your ambitions to reach or exceed a target are reinforced and the pressure is on as Mars and Pluto line up at the top of your solar chart. You seem to have more courage to reach a summit. Try not to get exhausted in the process! Make sure you take the time to take breaks from the current pressures.




Spiritual Message for Taurus:

Spiritual Message for Taurus

Taurus, a Venus-Neptune sextile today is very useful in breaking some of the tension. It helps you connect to the subtle or otherworldly elements and your understanding of others, yourself and your purpose.

Offering sincere and conscious advice with insight, perhaps a source of comfort and inspiring others, can now be essential. Helping someone can cheer you up and the spirit of friendship dominates. It is particularly satisfying to put the needs of others before yours at this time.

Venus is currently in your sign, further strengthening your charisma. At the same time, a Mars-Pluto alignment mentally boosts you. A strong experience can happen now that changes your point of view. The goal should be to adapt and let go, responsibly, especially if you seek or defend an opinion today and tomorrow.




Spiritual Message for Gemini:

Spiritual Message for Gemini

Gemini, the Venus-Neptune aspect of today is useful for breaking down certain tensions, while a Mars-Pluto aspect can cheer you up.

There may be a boost for your professional or public life, or you may come to a compassionate understanding of issues that have already frustrated you.

In some areas of life, it seems like it is time to let go of the anger and move on. It’s a potentially bright day for creativity. Although the Moon at the top of your solar chart today highlighting your goals and responsibilities, there is also tremendous energy for your imagination.

Career issues can be important and building on past ideas can be successful. The romantic exchanges can be of a pleasant variety at this moment, even if with the day which advances, you can be extremely focused if you want to eliminate something unhealthy from your life or discover important truths. You may want intensity or you may feel it through someone important.




Spiritual Message for Cancer:

Spiritual Message for CancerCancer, with a harmonious aspect between Venus and Neptune today, forgiveness and grace guide you. You may want to feel more loved and show your support with kind gestures or words.

The imagination grows and you could find inspiration through out of the ordinary friends and experiences. This transit can help you improve your mood and inspire you to think big.

It is also great if you prefer to use this gentle energy to relax and take care of yourself, as it is great for improving things and relieving tension. Whether relationships are difficult or happy, they should improve now.

Yet Mars and Pluto are heading for alignment, and as opportunities emerge to break the tension, the intensity gets stronger in the background, especially in an important relationship. The atmosphere is dense, but the possibilities are promising.




Spiritual Message for Leo:

Spiritual Message for LeoLeo, today, a Venus-Neptune aspect tends to reduce tension, helping you to see the beauty in the ordinary. It can be a time of self-discovery or development with a close relationship.

You are able to see things in a compassionate way, more than usual. Your goals can be visionary if you discover new ways to make things happen. You could communicate with an audience, a group or an important person with a positive focus on the future.

The release of pressure is wonderful on the one hand, as the demands have been intense recently. On the other, Mars and Pluto line up, and this combination creates tension, ideally for making big changes.




Spiritual Message for Virgo:

Spiritual Message for VirgoVirgo, although there is intense energy with us now, today’s Venus-Neptune sextile will help you find liberation or make things better.

There can be an almost magical relationship with someone important in your life. The key to this day is to approach things with gentleness and generosity, even if you maintain a certain emotional distance.

Compassion and understanding have more impact, and using a healthy dose can help you strengthen your connections. It’s also a great time to explore a new interest or topic. The energies of today connect your area of ​​partnership to your area of ​​beliefs, visions, and discoveries in a pleasant way.

Questions of love can flourish when you open your heart. It is a good time to get in touch with people who are uplifting you spiritually. However, we are moving towards a rather tense or intense Mars-Pluto alignment, and a certain tension is rising. You can be determined to make improvements and changes while trying to gain more control over your life.




Spiritual Message for Libra:

Spiritual Message for LibraLibra, with the harmonious Venus-Neptune aspect of today, allowing the mysteries to unravel at their own pace instead of trying to rush things may be the answer to some of your current problems today.

The softer side of your nature emerges with this influence, and others appreciate you even more. In addition, there may be good intuition for work, health and research or analysis. This transit can help inspire a love of the services you provide to others or your work, and it can encourage you to bring more imagination to your daily life.

You might find moments to relax and have fun. At the same time, we are moving towards a Mars-Pluto aspect which emphasizes the world around you, especially with regard to home, family and your personal life.




Spiritual Message for Scorpio:

Spiritual Message for Scorpio

Scorpio, although there is tense energy with us today, a Venus-Neptune aspect is also active, and it encourages you to give up negative or harmful thoughts.

The lunar aspects are now similar. Love opportunities can emerge, and it can be a creative and romantic moment for some. You are more intuitive with people and particularly sensitive to their feelings. A gentle approach will bring more rewards.

It is also a great time to create, write and make art or music, or to enjoy cinema, theater, writing, and music. You may notice things to appreciate about someone close that you may have forgotten. This energy is subtle but warm. However, as the day progresses, we are heading towards a Mars-Pluto alignment which is being built, and this tends to bring a sense of urgency to your life.




Spiritual Message for Sagittarius:

Spiritual Message for Sagittarius

Sagittarius, although there are tense transits being built, the Venus-Neptune influence of today encourages you to let things flow naturally rather than pushing into certain areas of your life.

Connections with others tend to be improved, and you may enjoy some form of relationship or communication that is out of the ordinary. It is a good time to promote peace and balance.

You may be particularly happy to offer your help or services. Wonderful energy is with you to come into contact with your interior needs, your feeling of belonging and security, and family or domestic matters.

A Mars-Pluto alignment is being built, which will occur tomorrow at noon, and although you may feel some stress or pressure related to money or property, the focus should be on improving a situation with this energy. Be determined to make improvements to the things you can control and influence.




Spiritual Message for Capricorn:

Spiritual Message for Capricorn

Capricorn, the Venus-Neptune transit of today can demonstrate your ability to soothe and heal through your communications.

Your perceptions intensify, allowing you to understand others on a whole new level. Recently, there has been more than the usual pressure on your sign. While this continues to some extent for some time, you find opportunities to express yourself in new ways.

There is particularly good energy with you for communications – you could inspire others with your words or take advantage of certain personal interests and projects that intrigue and motivate you. You might enjoy a moment of stress relief, although a Mars-Pluto conjunction is in the works, and tension mounts if you feel compelled to make changes and improvements.




Spiritual Message for Aquarius:

Spiritual Message for Aquarius

Aquarius, a Venus-Neptune aspect today helps to encourage sympathy for the oppressed or greater compassion for certain people in your life.

This encourages more time to relax. Helping someone can be particularly rewarding with this transit. This day is strong to help family members, offer an ear and take steps to heal or restore ties.

Bringing more imagination, vision, creativity, generosity, and compassion to the equation can now be magical. Going the extra mile for someone can make you happier. The circumstances may be such that spiritual support will be appreciated and necessary.

Life slows down in such a way that it is easier to appreciate your life and the people who make it up. However, a Mars-Pluto alignment comes into play, and it pushes you into other areas of life.




Spiritual Message for Pisces:

Spiritual Message for Pisces

Pisces, the Venus-Neptune transit of today can be very useful, as it can reduce certain tensions, encouraging understanding even if the words are not explicit.

It is a time when your sentimental and sweet nature emerges, and others appreciate the way you possess it and express it. The Moon spends the day in your sign, further enhancing this theme.

Venus is in your communications industry, suggesting that it may be through learning, connection, communication and reflection that benefits are likely to happen now. Your words, and even your non-verbal communications, are soothing, healing and engaging.

On the other hand, we are moving towards a Mars-Pluto aspect that has been built, and although there can be tensions and pressures to bring about improvements, it is also an energy that amplifies your courage to make the difference.

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