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Tonight’s New Moon in Leo Brings an Opportunity for Inner Growth

When this month’s New Moon arrives tonight, under the highly self-assured sign of Leo, it could bring a new sense of self-doubt and awareness. Last month, the New Moon in Cancer provided us with a much-needed respite from an otherwise tumultuous summer.

A New Moon should generally act like this kind of spiritual oasis every month, but that same pensive energy can prompt our inner currents to roil, given the good astrological influence.



This New Moon turns the spotlight inward:

Leo is the star of the Zodiac. Warm and generous, dignified, and dramatic, this fire sign was made for the marquee. When the Full Moon occurs in Leo, the world takes on a cinematic glow, encouraging us all to project our inner diva.

Those who are normally happy in supporting roles can suddenly suffer from the attention given to a leading role. However, when the darker and calmer New Moon occurs in Leo, that desire for praise and attention turns into self-awareness and scrutiny.

They might not act like it, but Leos care very deeply about who they are in front of the audience and their overall reputation. When this sign channels the New Moon, which prompts reflection, introspection, and self-questioning, the Leonin instinct is to question, even agonize, all the choices we make that contribute to the way we are seen.

What message does our style send? What kind of conversations do we start? How do we behave when the focus is on us? We’re only humans, so it’s fair to assume that we don’t always hit the mark leaving the first impression but it might be hard to forgive those misses under the New Moon in Leo, whose message can be easily twisted to suggest this perfection is not only achievable but a condition for success.

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This is an opportunity for inner growth!

Even though feelings of doubt and self-awareness may arise, we should view this moon phase as a chance to improve, not a fight. Don’t brood whether you’ve said the wrong thing or if you’ve impressed the right people. Instead, use the evening of the 18th to decide how you want to be seen in the future and then make a plan for how you can work to become that person you hope others see.

In the face of our so-called shortcomings, it is understandably tempting to get stuck in a rut of negative self-talk. But no matter what it dredges up within us, the New Moon is ultimately about the future.

Think about how you hope to grow and how your reputation will evolve in kind. By letting yourself sit with an uncomfortable truth about yourself, you may very well discover a new path forward.

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