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Upcoming 12/12 Portal – Are Your Ready for Activation?

It is almost time that the powerful energies that manifest themselves on 12/12 begin to make their way to our planet. As we go through the days ahead and approach December, many things will change.

The change that occurs on December 12th is the opening of a portal and it’s something we all feel, no matter how sensitive we are. It will be a good time for a real event, and as it unfolds, we will begin to discover parts of ourselves that we have not seen for a very long time. This portal or shift has the power of 12 but is doubled, which in every sense of the word will be intense.



This portal in itself means an awakening in our soul that we need to happen.

With that, we can prepare the coming year to a deeper level and strive to leave the past behind. You will be more connected with the Divine and more aware of the conscious collective itself.

Now, with number 12 and double 12/12, you can expect many challenges. The number 12 means completion and is the number that most people associate with beginnings and actually confront the universe itself.




However, when we approach topics like 12/12, we get a very different form.

You see, 12/12 is both independent and individual, which forces our hands to truly bring about a real transformation. These kinds of things usually introduce new relationships into our lives and focus on the changes in our lives to a place where we are capable of true growth.

We will all work to create and implement healthy boundaries while developing and being more willing to stand out in this world.

If we are as focused and forward-looking as we have to be during this time, nothing will be able to hold us back. Although we must remain realistic, we should also be ready to think outside the box.

Do not let your thoughts distract you, go with what you feel in the moments to come. Things may seem a little crazy right now, but you will enjoy yourself. This world is so moving towards the coming year, you have no idea.

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  1. Jupiter

    It’s so weird. This portal happens on a Sag sun, Gemini moon and I’m a Sag sun, Gemini eclipse moon. This is gonna be big for me, let’s see what happens

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