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What Does the Rest of the Year Reserve For You? Choose Your Favorite Crystal Ball and Find Out!

In the image above, 6 different crystal balls are displayed. Choose the one that caught your attention, then swipe down to find out what news is waiting for you all year long!

Ready? Let’s go to the results!



If you chose crystal ball No. 1:

This year will still offer great ideas for you and for the world around you. Probably a journey is in progress, a great experience able to satisfy the sides of you that you have never seen and that will positively surprise you and will help you find a new way to go.



If you chose crystal ball No. 2:

You are experiencing a period of great introspection and reflection, and you have understood that in order to change the world, you have to start with yourself. Later this year, opportunities will be presented to further raise this knowledge, healing yourself and reaching new goals in life.



If you chose crystal ball No. 3:

This year it will still offer you many opportunities to organize your life the way you want, both personally and professionally. Embrace your designs and dedicate yourself! They will give you results sooner than expected. Make the most of the blessings that the universe will put on your path.



If you chose crystal ball No. 4:

This year you will be presented with various situations that will allow you to heal the wounds that exist within you and allow you to follow life with more inner peace and harmony with the people around you.



If you chose crystal ball No. 5:

There are some things in your life that need correction, but you can’t always make these changes because you don’t know where to look. This year, you will be able to see them more clearly, and as a result, you will find out better who you really are and where you should go to reach your true potential.



If you chose crystal ball No. 6:

You are a very impulsive person and often act without measuring the consequences of your attitudes. However, this year it offers you the chance to think more about everything you do, and try to develop the maturity to live responsibly and truly create your destiny, not to become a victim of what will put you on your way.


Which crystal ball did you choose? Did you like the result? Comment below and share the test with your friends!

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  1. Kimberly Beale

    I actually was drawn to follow from 2 to 4. So i rrad 2 then 4 and the combo was dead on the head of that nail with my current issues and state of mind! Amazingly a bullseye!

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