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What is the Strangest Thing About You, According to Your Zodiac Sign

Everyone has their strange side. And you too. Even if your appearance seems normal, everyone knows that you have a strange side.

While everyone is a unique little snowflake in the snowstorm we call life, people born under the same zodiac sign tend to have the same personality traits. Whether you are skeptical or wholeheartedly believe in astrology, you have to admit, you can quite relate to some of the essential features of your sign.

Most readings of zodiac signs indicate your best and worst personality traits, but since human beings are incredibly complex creatures, our personalities are multifaceted. Some of them may seem odd for other signs.

Here is what your strangest personality trait is, based on your zodiac sign.




Aries is completely uninhibited. You have a tunnel vision when it comes to finding what you want and you take the expression “by any means necessary” to heart. You have no idea what “no” means and it’s pretty impressive if a little odd.

Aries is the friend that others envy because he is often very laid back, but people are sometimes also slightly embarrassed to be with.

And, although you have enough confidence in yourself not to be ashamed of your desire to colonize space, you recognize that it is a bit odd.

On the other hand, space exploration combines everything you love: glory, intellectual challenge, and extraterrestrials who may or may not look like a little green guy. Who wouldn’t want to be an astronaut?





Stubborn as a bull, this sign is not a big fan of change. Maybe that’s where your collection of antiques comes from. When looking for stability, the sight of a house filled with furniture that has stood the test of time should be comforting.

Unless you really like listening to the ticking of old clocks, there are more bizarre hobbies.

Your world is also centered on meanings for this sign. Smell means a lot to you, so you’re not unfamiliar when it comes to sticking your nose to everything you see.

This sign is likely to offer dozens of perfumes and body sprays for all occasions and to react emotionally to the simplest odors, such as a splinter of wood or a piece of linen.





It is difficult to control a Gemini, even you don’t understand your contradictory personality very well. Talking a lot and being quick-witted, you are known to divulge secrets when gossip is too good to be kept for you.

You write everything that is interesting. After all, you are still mentally composing your memories.

And with all of these great thoughts flowing through their awesome brains, Gemini likes to chat with themselves before speaking with others.

The funny thing is that he also spends a lot of time responding to his own discussion and laughing at his own jokes.





Yes, Cancer can be sensitive and may sometimes be daydreaming. On the other hand, your series of problems will make you a bit like the ideal mother in your group of friends, even if your life plans do not really include being a parent.

You can always count on Cancer for a house granola bar in their purse or to help someone change a flat tire. No wonder you are so popular.

They may be social people in the public eye, but Cancer also has a deep secret side that likes to dress up.

Whether to don their favorite superhero costume or to become an elf, this costume is the way they transport themselves out of reality and into the realm of fantasy.

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The personality of Leo is quite simple. You are proud, a natural leader and can sometimes be arrogant. You are charismatic or taciturn depending on your mood, but if someone talks to you about your love for the theater, you will not let go of it for hours.

Anyone who wants to go to a show with you for the sixth time will earn your eternal devotion.

And being a boss day and night can be exhausting. To cope with intense demands, Leo is often likely to experience bodily changes. Whether it’s tattoos, piercings or something much stranger, Leo often likes to have a secret on his body under his work clothes.





Hardworking, tedious and sometimes a little critical, you were probably this child who collected her pencils by color at the start of each school day. As an adult, it has become an obsession with organization that it leaves your friends sometimes a little confused. (Your mom is happy to see how clean your room is, though.)

Be honest: How many hours did you spend on the phone watching strangely satisfying GIFs with donuts?

And since this sign already has a strong need to control the world around it, it is natural that Virgo is led to pretend that the inanimate objects are real.

These simple relationships allow this sign to express its deep nourishing side, as well as to manipulate the actions and thoughts of another, even if it is imaginary.





Balance is the main thing in Libra. This is usually metaphorical, although there is a chance that you have tightrope walker fantasies.

However, a recurring daydream of fleeing and finding yourself in another place is not the strangest thing about you. (Who does not have such a dream?) But it’s mostly your tendency to make your nest.

No matter how long you have lived in a place, you never stop improving it. It makes sense – your sign is ruled by Venus, who happens to be the goddess of beauty – but can be deactivated from time to time.

Your friends may start to worry about the number of changes you are making.





He who speaks the truth and smart (or should I say cunning?), Scorpio is completely comfortable being in power behind the throne. Maybe that’s why you like the high fantasy and all the fictional politics that go with Game of Thrones.

You have been reading Robert Jordan and Terry Brooks from college and you don’t plan on stopping anytime soon.

This brave sign also tends to harass almost everyone he meets. Whether it is because he loves someone so much that he wants to know more, or if he cannot support someone and wants ammunition for the next encounter, a Scorpio is adept at using the internet to play detective games.

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Sagittarius naturally likes to take risks to do something interesting: bungee jumping, learning acro yoga, befriending Alaska fishermen on a beach in Mexico, etc. But even the most adventurous traveler has a soft spot for the idea of ​​home and you take your dose of household things by following dozens of Instagram accounts.

If you haven’t explored the territory hedgehogs, yet, now’s the time to start.

And due to his free spirit, Sagittarius is subject to many strange vices. Most important is their obsessive need to stick their fingers in their mouths.

Whether they eat with their bare hands, use their teeth to pick their cuticles, or simply suck their thumbs, they have a strange fixation for the fingers that probably started in childhood.





Capricorn is an old soul from birth. You have self-discipline that is sometimes ridiculously strong, with one exception: a habit of buying online. Since you have memorized your credit card number, all bets are open, although you are too pragmatic to really live beyond your means.

Either way, there’s nothing wrong with valuing material things. When a Capricorn wants an ice cream shaped phone case and a ukulele, they will buy exactly that.

This sign works hard and is constantly looking to learn new things to stay relevant in its field. This leads to long hours and forgotten meals, which is why it is generally likely to develop a disorder known to cause people to want to eat things that are not considered food.

Whether they chew the morning paper or chew leftover chalk, they are most likely to eat something weird secretly.





What is not weird about an Aquarius? Constitutionally, you are incapable of obeying social norms and you think so far from the frame that you don’t even know what this box should look like.

To be a  chronologically displaced hippie, you can be quite stubborn when something contradicts your beliefs. Instead of immediately dismissing someone like a socialized sheep, listen to them first.

This dreamy sign also believes in the power of the universe and, therefore, has the possibility of drawing his strength and energy from the world around him. He is more likely to kiss a tree and even swim naked to commune with fish and pay homage to Mother Earth.





Aside from the aquatic symbol, the strangest thing about Pisces is the line of destruction that many seem to have. You are artistic, imaginative and give surprisingly good advice, but that doesn’t mean you follow it yourself.

The next time you feel the need to lift your arms up in the air and join a walking cult of banjo players, take it a step further – or at least learn the banjo first.

And, physical objects are more than sentimental for this sign of water, they are vessels that transport them to distant times and people who have been gone for a long time.

Because of their deep love for emotions and memories, Pisces are likely to become accumulators that sense a strong connection with each crumpled box of paper and cardboard next to them.

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