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What Is Your Lucky Charm, According to Your Zodiac Sign

For centuries, people have used all kinds of talismans and charms to bring them luck. These objects take magic through myths and legends, and they are still very popular. Most charms will work for just about anyone, but your zodiac sign can tell you which one is best for you.

Check out this list and get your charm. Soon you will notice that your life is changing for the better.



Aries: Key

Of the twelve signs of the zodiac, it is easy to see that Aries is the most industrious and the most energetic. You will not give up until you realize your heart’s desire and nothing can stop you from achieving your goal.

This is why a key is the personification of you. Just like a key, you help people reach places they couldn’t have reached earlier without. People approach you for advice and leadership whenever they have problems.




Taurus: Number 7

A Taurus is generally too rational to truly believe in the power of talismans and charms. Therefore, the number 7 works best for them. It is considered a sign of good fortune in various cultures. Even scientifically speaking, it is a perfect number because 3 and 4 are perfect shapes representing triangles and squares. It even appears in other places like the days of the week and the hues of a rainbow.

Taurus is also linked to nature and acorns:

Your bond with nature is powerful and you know intuitively that what it produces will bring you good things. The mighty Vikings viewed acorns as harbingers of good fortune, especially if placed on window sills. They used them to protect themselves during storms.




Gemini: Fuzzy dice

Big dice have always considered the lucky ones, and soft dice are very popular nowadays. It is the most suitable talisman for a Gemini because they are always in fashion.

Geminis are mundane and they love being part of all the latest and hottest trends. So whatever charm they choose will have to be something very popular with everyone and since the fuzzy dice won’t go out of fashion anytime soon, they are the best bet.




Cancer: Ladybug

Cancers are naturally affectionate and caring, so their talisman must be something they can love and care for. They always treat animals on an equal basis. Many cultures consider ladybugs to be lucky, and they are even known as “lucky bugs” or “glueckskaefer” in Germany. The redder they are, the more chance they will have. Do not lock them up but let them live in your gardens in peace.

Bamboos are also good for Cancer:

Bamboos are very popular in China and are said to bring you good luck if you give them to someone else as a gift. If someone gives it to you, keep it in the eastern part of your room and it will purify the energy there.

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Leo: Gemstones

Each sign has its own gemstone, but for Leo, all gemstones work wonders. Like a jewel, Leo is also vibrant, beautiful, loved, and elegant. They love to be in the spotlight, and wearing pretty jewelry only serves this purpose because it gives you more confidence and attracts attention.

Amber is the luckiest stone, and many believe it to be part of the sun. Sapphire is also believed to bless the wearer of special gifts from the gods.




Virgo: The evil eye

The evil eye does more than make you lucky; it will protect you from all kinds of bad vibrations sent to you by others who wish you harm. And being a Virgo, it is easy to get people to be jealous of you because you are an incredibly capable person with a lot of talent.

An Evil Eye talisman will usually come as a palm with one eye in the exact center or as green and blue beads with eyes on them.




Libra: Triangles

For thousands of years, triangles were believed to represent the cycle of birth and death and our connection to the universe. They are seen as signs that bring balance and stability and this is the kind of person that is Libra.

They are excellent mediators because they are known for their diplomacy and impartiality. Like triangles, they prefer to find a balance between two opposite sides without going into the deep end of one or the other.




Scorpio: Horseshoe

Scorpios always put their beliefs forward and they prefer talismans that they can show to the world.

They were originally considered lucky because they were made of iron, a metal that was supposed to repel goblins or fairy creatures.

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Sagittarius: Rabbit’s foot

It comes from an ancient tribal tradition that believes that the left rear foot can ward off evil spells from you if you get stuck in a cemetery after dark.

Of course, you should buy fake ones that have all this power without harming live rabbits. If you are a Sagittarius, you must have one at all times in order to stay safe.




Capricorn: Four-leaf clovers

Four-leaf clovers represent belief, hope, affection, and prosperity. These are important for Capricorns who like to surround themselves with beautiful things for which they need money. They are also nature lovers and clover provides a seamless connection to the land.

However, not all four-leaf clovers are lucky. Only the white clover plant fulfills this function and although they are rare, Capricorns can spot them.

Capricorns are related to dragons:

Some cultures think dragons are signs of danger, but others see them as signs of good fortune. Of course, you will not get a living dragon, but you can find a charm or a figurine. You are ambitious and they make you great leaders and they can help you refine your skills and improve your position at work.




Aquarius: Crickets

Those who have watched Mulan will know that they have been seen as good luck charms for centuries. People who listen to their music at night are comforted by a feeling of camaraderie.

Their silence also warned people when danger was approaching. As an Aquarius, you will want to experience adventure and someone who watches over you is the perfect gift.




Pisces: Dreamcatchers

Pisces are natural dreamers and there is nothing luckier for them than a dream catcher. These are supposed to prevent bad dreams from entering your space at night and by allowing you to have pleasant dreams, they help you feel well-rested and peaceful.

You can place one near your bed or even wear one as a piece of jewelry. They can even bring good vibrations if they are hung on the desk.

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