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What Is Your Worst Habit, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

We all have our bad habits, whether we want to admit them or not. Depending on our traits and characteristics, these habits could be much worse than those of others.

Below, we will review the worst habits of each zodiac sign and what these habits mean to them. Because of the planets reigning over each sign and the traits they have been given, some of them may be a bit rough.

What is the worst habit of your sign?




Well, you are spending too much money on things that will keep you running instead of actually getting the sleep you need. Coffee and energy drinks won’t do it all.

You just don’t put much effort into anything other than work. You are too motivated for your own good and you end up running all over everyone around.





You are someone who tends to exclude others. Your worst habits are your swearing and your inability to compromise.

You never want to even give an inch. You are a literal mess and you have to pull yourself together.





You like to be in everyone’s business and it’s a very bad habit. You are always quite absentminded and tend to overwhelm yourself in a rather interesting way.

Your worst habit is that you tend to contradict yourself a lot, but it’s something you can fix.





Your worst habit is knowing how obsessed you are with the people around you, it’s really hard to separate yourself from others.

You tend to think of them as an extension of who you are and that just isn’t true.

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You share too much with everyone. You leave people too close to you and most of the time it stabs you in the back.

You really have to be more careful.





You are a little more negative about yourself than you should be. You always lower yourself and you feel really bad. It will not help you at all and will only cause more problems than value.

Nitpicking, even if it’s just to you, is not a good thing.





You spend too much time putting things off. Procrastination is easily your worst habit. You are spending too much time making sure that things will get done that you will never do them.

You also tend to please people more than necessary and that in itself is bad.





You are just a little too obsessive and controlling. You like having it all your way and you won’t stop thinking about it until you have it like you want it.

I know it may not seem too terrible, it really holds you back.

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You overwork yourself and have the bad habit of being too fickle. You leave the ship whenever things get serious and drop all of your relationships.

It’s too much bullshit for one person and you have to find yourself.





You tend to fear the worst possible results far more than you should. You always think the worst will happen, whether it happens or not.

This prepares you for failure time and time again.





You are too spaced out. You are used to forgetting things and overwhelming your mind.

You are caught in everything that does not concern you and this causes you a lot of problems.





Gaming is easily your worst habit and your best habit all in one. You spend too much time in worlds that don’t belong to you, but you don’t see it as a bad thing.

You are a dreamer and that will never change.

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