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What Karma Has in Store for You in 2020, According to Your Zodiac Sign

Does your karma match your wishes for the new year? It depends on how you choose to act today!

To find out what karma has prepared for you in 2020, take a look at you zodiac sign below!




You may be surprised to find that karma will work in your favor next year. An unusual calm will stabilize within you and give you the opportunity to get to know yourself better and work on your intuition and personal growth.

You will feel comfortable with life and enjoy all the possibilities to create a better future for yourself.





You will face serious problems at the beginning of the year, especially in your relationship. It is important to resolve all the outstanding problems within you to break this karma and return to normal.

If you manage to achieve this in the second half of the year, you will be able to live in peace and balance again.





You often lead your life with great haste and impatience, but karma will teach you valuable lessons about it next year.

It will bring you unexpected changes that will make you feel initially lost, but over time they will make you live much better and with better purposes.





Good news from karma. In this new year, you will be rewarded for all your dedication and love for the people around you.

Karma will present you with much success and happiness, but you must remain humble, because if you get out of the way, it will put you in difficult situations again, to teach a lesson.

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You have made some dubious decisions recently, but karma will ensure that you are shown the right path to follow. It will teach you the importance of caring for your energies and your companions and will help you make optimism a priority.

You can grow from every mistake and become a better and less proud person.





At the beginning of next year, you will be very anxious on some occasions, and this will be the result of karma’s mission to get you out of your comfort zone. It may be complicated for you, but don’t bow your head, because it is not a punishment, but a great opportunity for evolution that will make you more able to achieve what you dream of.

Leave the fear of taking risks and grow and enjoy karma to the best of your ability.





Some difficulties and regular obstacles will arise at certain times in your life, but generally, by 2020, you will feel very stable and satisfied with your life.

Achieving stability and balance will be your big goal and you will present yourself with a lot of authenticity and righteousness, only attentive to indecision, it could hinder your path.





Karma holds many things for you in 2020, and don’t be too surprised, because you know that you are not the person who mostly follows the traditional rules of life.

You will encounter difficulties in your path and one of the main steps you can take in this direction is to be close to the people you love, they will help you remain optimistic in life and strengthen you emotionally and spiritually.

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There is no doubt that 2019 was a difficult and stressful year for you, so 2020 should start lighter. This new year will be a moment of calm for you when you start to appreciate the results of the projects you are working on.

Let yourself be guided by inner peace and you will live a great moment in your journey.





This year you will be much more confident and happy with yourself, which will positively influence all areas of your life, especially your romantic relationship.





Due to your impulsive nature, you often have problems with people around you and karma has decided to teach you some important lessons by 2020. Next year, you will experience situations that will cause you discomfort and anxiety but will lead you to a better reality.

As you learn to control your impulses, you will discover that life will become simpler and more fluid and you will find a new reality to start over.





By 2020, karma will offer you incredible opportunities. You will be surprised by a new job, love or friendship and also have the chance to be less dependent on other people.

This will be a reward for your daily dedication to being a better person. Many good things await you in this new phase.

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What did you think of your forecast? Of course, for each sign, there are exceptions and you can get different results in the new year. Comment below your opinion on your sign and share the article with your friends!

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