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What Makes You Truly Irresistible as a Woman, According To Your Zodiac Sign

You are simply irresistible. As women, we can be blind to the fact that we are bright and beautiful, and we tend to focus on the things we don’t like at home rather than celebrating what we do.

Each of us has something amazing about ourselves and we are not always aware of these qualities. We know the things we trust and try to stay in shape, go to the salon and make sure we dress well so that we feel attractive and comfortable.

We know that we are much more than our appearance; we are intelligent, funny, kind, exciting, surprising and unique. It can be difficult to be our best selves when there are those who don’t treat us well or even in the same way, but we keep working, taking care of the people we love and working to be our best selves.

There are things we do that we don’t even know are engaging and that people find irresistible. You think that when you are excited about a project, you are the only one who feels this excitement, and yet it is attractive to others to see that creativity energizes and enlightens you from the inside.

And it is not always the sighted things we do that catch the attention of others; this can be the smallest of gestures, such as remembering to pick up your partner’s favorite Thai noodles for dinner when you know he has a very difficult day.

You improve people’s lives without knowing how that smile you gave to a stranger really brightened their day or how remembering to visit your grandmother on her birthday made her feel loved.

The stars know what makes you irresistible, the little things that each zodiac sign makes them tempting. And the best part of them is that they are not things that you find hard to do, you do them without even realizing it.




You are ready for anything. You have all the things you like to do and the challenges you want to take on, but you can always do the things you don’t like just because your partner likes them.

It really shows your partner how much you care about them and how you make sure you include the things they love in your life.





TaurusIt can be a little touch on his arm or a big hug, but your guy likes it when you touch him and it shouldn’t be part of foreplay or a means to get sexing going, just a loving touch that shows how much you care and how safe you feel with him.

The good thing is that you still like to touch anyway.





GeminiYour guy can’t resist the way you get along with all of his friends. He knows he doesn’t have to worry about whether or not you are having fun at a party or event.

He is also happy to know that he would not have to choose between you or his friends; he can have both.





CancerFamily is extremely important to your guy and he finds it fantastic that you love his family. When you are helping his mom prepare Thanksgiving dinner, you’re helping his little sister with homework.

He is able to imagine you as part of his family and that only intensifies his love for you.

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LeoHe finds your confidence and your dazzling personality irresistible. He likes the way you are able to shine and stay in touch with others.

You are the complete package and he is impressed.





VirgoHe likes how capable you are but you are not overbearing. You don’t make him feel like he’s lame or can’t do anything useful.

You make him feel like you are a team that can do it all.





LibraHe finds it endearing how you not only ask for his opinion, but you really take it into consideration.

You are not just lip service, you trust him to help you make a decision and it is huge.





ScorpioHe cannot resist it when you initiate something sexual.

Guys need to feel hot and desirable sometimes too, and he likes it when you sometimes move him.

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SagittariusYour guy likes how flexible and open you are to change. He doesn’t have to worry that things will get boring with you two or that you will have a problem if he wants to change things up a bit.

You keep things interesting.





CapricornIt’s irresistible for your man when you show him that you appreciate what he did.

Of course, people shouldn’t do things just to get a positive reaction, but that doesn’t mean thankfulness or a gentle squeeze from time to time is not appreciated.





AquariusYour guy likes that you care about humanitarian causes and that you love animals. It shows him that you are compassionate and that you have a big heart, and it’s very attractive.

When you take his dog for a walk alone, he loves you even more.





PiscesHe finds it inspiring and convincing that you are passionate about your work, your hobbies or your art. When you are excited about a project you are working on, it gives you a very attractive interior glow.

He knows that you don’t depend on him for your happiness and that just makes him want to be more with you.

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