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What to Expect from the Opening of the 999 Portal on September 9th, 2019

On Monday, September 9th a great energy of Crystal Light will be activated with the opening of the Multidimensional 999 Portal.

The Crystal Energy that will flow through the portal on 09/09/19, will activate  four of the nine Atlantean Crystals present within our Planet: the Emerald Crystal of Healing which is located in Arkansas, the “Om” Crystal of Multidimensionality which is located at Mount Shasta in California, the Golden Crystal of Healing and Regeneration located in Brazil and the Sun-Moon Crystal of Light at Lake Titicaca, Bolivia.

It is an important day as it will be flooded with energy that helps to close cycles.

Nine is the last step in numerical evolution. For this reason today, our collective mind will be activated to guarantee memories throughout the universe. We will seek peace and silence. The energy of this portal is ready for our anxieties. It is an introspective and self-healing portal.

The children who are born today are indigo, rainbow, crystal. They will be the soldiers of the awakening of the conscience, with a super awake mind that commands the change to a new era. It is a day of solitude necessary to realize all that we have and in the end to say thank you.



The Spiritual Meaning of the 999 Portal.

The Spiritual Meaning of the 999 Portal

As sovereign beings of free will, every single moment in time is an opportunity for further spiritual enlightenment. However, at certain points in space and time, the energies are in alignment offering accelerated growth, depending on intent and the level of individual consciousness.

One such moment is pending with the 9-9-9 portal. The energy of this portal is generated by human consciousness and will peak on the ninth day of the ninth month of the year 2019.

Numerologically, the number 9 is about releasing the old to make way for the new. It is about endings and the natural culmination of a cycle. It is also about the Universe forcing change through endings.

Be willing to accept that nothing lasts; that there is a time for all things to end, and it is the natural way of things.

Be confident that it is only through releasing the old that something better may manifest.

Be joyous that every old belief system that you should let go brings you one step closer to the truth.

Be understanding that every tightly held material possession that is surrendered is one less anchor to the energies of the old dimension, and a step closer to Ascension.



So how to maximize and use the energy of the 999 Portal?

So how to maximize and use the energy of the 999 Portal


Have you been hovering around a decision for so long you can’t remember a time when it hasn’t been eating at you? For example, I know people who have been thinking about getting a divorce for years and just continue to hover in the relationship.

A friend of mine said it so well: If you’re constantly thinking about whether or not you should be in your marriage, you shouldn’t be in your marriage! If you’re meant to be there, thinking about whether or not you should stay or go is simply not on the radar.



About your actions and participation, while forgiving yourself fully and completely. Do you keep beating yourself up about something you did or didn’t do in the past? Do you replay it over and over again?

I think it’s Byron Katie who observes that often we have one traumatic experience and yet our mind relives it so often, it is if we experience the trauma every time we replay it. This is the time to find a way to truly forgive yourself and move on. It’s up to you to find your way to do it—Therapy? Energy work? Hypnosis? A “Release” ritual? Whatever speaks to you, try it.



Oh, sure. Sounds so cliché. Yet the energy of the 9 is optimized when we can truly live the Buddhist tenant of being Present. When we can live in the moment, let go of the past without resentment, and be open and curious about the future.

If there’s ever a time to clear our slate of negativity, this is it. And this is made more challenging by the current conditions we’re experiencing in the world. There is so much tumultuous change, it can be disconcerting. Yet if we can be the eye in the center of the hurricane, even in the most intense times, the rest of it will become so simple.


All you need to do is put your chin up, set your game face on, and work. Go for it. There is nothing more you would want to be doing at this point of time, for the energies would develop you anyway.

You will be growing, even when it isn’t visible to you. You are strong, you will get through.

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