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What You Really Need in a Soulmate, According to Your Zodiac Sign

Today, let’s take a look at what you need in a soulmate, identified by your zodiac sign. This list of qualities will be impervious to the changing energies that so often dominate our lives.




When it comes to finding a soulmate, you will only be satisfied when you find someone who will challenge you.

Simply put, you need someone who will be more aggressive than someone passive who is not afraid to tell you things you don’t want to hear.





You need a soul mate who pushes you to be the best you have ever known. Do you remember the saying, misery loves company?

You need someone who will not sulk with you when you are miserable but who will rather push you to get up and build the best day ever.





Because your mind constantly contains a million ideas and plans, you need someone who will help you focus your energy into something consistent that will move you forward in life.

Such a person will ground you and give you a stable base of life on which you can both grow and build together.





You need a good listener who is ready to listen to your deepest thoughts and emotions without judgment.

Such a person must be compassionate and able to help you find the answers to your problems instead of just giving you a bad solution in order to shut you up like some of your former partners.

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You need a soulmate who understands that the face you show in public is not necessarily who you are.

Yes, you like to be the center of attention and keep yourself constantly at a high level, but in private, you like to let the mask slip and reveal that you are a real self to those with whom you have an intimate connection.





The perfect soulmate for you is someone who can help you accept yourself. You are already super self-critical. As such, unlike some other signs, you don’t need someone who is constantly pushing you to improve.

You need someone who accepts you and loves you for who you are.





You need a soulmate who can show you that you can get out of the spotlight from time to time. You are used to being around people constantly and being the center of attention.

The soul mate that’s right for you is the one who deliberately gives you space from time to time to show you that you can survive on your own, with your own thoughts.





The most precious characteristic that a soul mate can bring to a relationship with you is reliability.

In the past, you have developed a fear of being really intimate with people due to experiences in which your trust has been betrayed. The good soul mate will put you at ease.

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You need a soul mate who loves change and excitement. You would be bored to death by someone who prefers to stay in for the night and who has no affinity for traveling.

What you need is someone who loves adventure and who often surprises you with their spontaneous nature.





You need a soulmate who can look beyond the predictable and conservative front you have set up for the world and see the excitement in you.

The right person will help you relax and take life with a grain of salt more often. This will help you reach heights of self-exploration and discovery that you have never dreamed of.





The perfect soul mate for you will be the one who will support even your wildest and most irrational ideas. You are surrounded by many people – at work and in your personal life – who doubt you.

The perfect soulmate will always be there for you with a word of support or two.





You need a positive soulmate who will fill you with warm feelings, unlike the cold variety you normally feel with other partners.

This will help you adopt a more positive mindset that will allow you to unleash your creative side!

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