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Which Egyptian God/Goddess Is Protecting You, According to Your Zodiac Sign

Although not everyone realizes it, the astrology we know today is not the same as the astrology of the past. Having said that, we are still able to really look at things a little differently to gain perspective if we want to.

When it comes to Egyptian astrology, things are not quite the same as what you are used to. According to Astrofame, there are also 12 Egyptian zodiac signs, but they are each named after the Gods and Goddesses who rule them. That being said, each of these lines up with your average zodiac sign within reason depending on which you get.

Below, we’ll go over each Egyptian zodiac sign and what they mean. While you may be more familiar with some more than with others, overall they are quite interesting to learn. The God or Goddess that your sign is, should reveal to you exactly who is protecting you so intensely.



Aries: Osiris

ARIES AUGUSTOsiris is a mighty God and he brings rebirth after death. Those born under this sign are very bold and love to teach, but can also be a bit bossy.

While these people have a lot of work on, they also tend to get a lot of things done.




Taurus: Amun-Ra

TAURUS AUGUSTAmun-Ra is a God who has more strength than most. Those born under this sign are very helpful and hold a lot of power.

They might be a little more closed off than they should be, but overall they’re great listeners to those they care about most.




Gemini: Seth

GEMINI AUGUSTSeth for those who might not know is the God of Chaos and well, is a very determined God. Those born under this sign are very unstable, but they are also quite ruthless.

They tend to go overboard but are also the life of the party in many ways. People love to be with them, but sometimes they can be a bit too much.




Cancer: Bastet

CANCER AUGUSTBastet is a Goddess and she is responsible for the protection of women. She is charming and very unique, just like those born under her protection.

Those born under this sign tend to be a bit clingy, but overall they are very caring and always mean the best.

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Leo: Anubis

LEO AUGUSTAnubis is easily one of the most amazing Gods as he is the one who guards the world of the dead. People born under this sign are very controlling and often like to take the lead even when they shouldn’t.

They put their passion into everything they can and well, they don’t like to hold back.




Virgo: Thoth

VIRGO AUGUSTThoth is a God who reigns over wisdom. People born into this sign are good at listening and they tend to be the ones most willing to make changes correctly.

That being said, they’re not always the easiest to understand. Because of the way they present themselves, sometimes things get tricky.




Libra: Geb

LIBRA AUGUSTGeb is a God who loves much more than most realize. Those born under his protection are very loving and usually some of the most caring souls you will find.

They may be a little modest, but that doesn’t hold them back in any way.




Scorpio: Mut

SCORPIO AUGUSTMut is the Goddess who protects us all, but she has a special place in her heart for those born under her protection. Those who are born under this sign are often very hardworking and will go against all odds to accomplish what they need to be accomplished.

That said, they don’t always seem to have the best outlook, and that sometimes holds them back.

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Sagittarius: Hapi

SAGITTARIUS AUGUSTHapi is the God of the Nile and well, he is not what you’d expect. He’s pretty gentle and his energy overall is much less intense than most would assume.

Those born under his protection are often a little impulsive but also quite wise. This sign is the one that really shows us that you are capable to slow down as a person.




Capricorn: Horus

CAPRICORN AUGUSTHorus is a God who brings harmony in many ways and protects those under his sign. These people are stubborn but also very charming.

They don’t back down, but they’re also a bit confusing about how they react to the world around them.




Aquarius: Sekhmet

AQUARIUS AUGUSTSekhmet is the Goddess who ensures that justice is always served. She doesn’t hold a grudge, but she makes sure things are as they should be.

People born under her protection are often very impatient but also quite welcoming. They are friendly and caring, but the way they operate can be a bit strange.




Pisces: Isis

PISCES AUGUSTIsis is the Goddess of motherhood and that means what you would expect it to mean. Those born under her protection are a little demanding, but they are also very controlling.

They tend to want more than they can handle and don’t know their own limits.

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