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Which Natural Disaster are You, According to Your Zodiac Sign

Have you ever wondered why you lose your patience often enough and get carried away in a rage of uncontrollable fury? You must have thought about this. Well, to make sure you don’t do anything abnormal, let me introduce your twin, which is nothing but a natural disaster.

If you belong to this particular sign of the zodiac, you will now know the reason for your explosions!



Aries: Volcano

An Aries is the brother of a volcano!

Just as the volcano is unpredictable and can erupt at any time, the behavior of an Aries is difficult to predict, which often leads to distant destruction when Aries erupts in a state of sudden rage.




Taurus: Earthquake

A Taurus generally tries to stay away from problematic situations.

However, if you try the patience of a Taurus and force it to fight back, you will have to run for your life because the Taurus would shake the earth like a massive earthquake.




Gemini: Sandstorm

A Gemini is a real resemblance to the sandstorm.

They are far too quick to be captured and controlled, and they are also far too powerful to stop the destruction going on because of their explosions.




Cancer: Tidal wave

Cancer is harmless until it is spoiled.

And, when you happen to have fun with them, you will realize that their strength is equal to that of a tidal wave that can throw you from the shore all at once.

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Leo: Wildfire

Leo can be extremely dangerous if he is angry.

Since Leo almost never expresses his rage and anger, the explosion of a Leo spreads very far in the blink of an eye like a wildfire.

In addition, the destruction caused by Leo is so rapid and massive that by the time you realize that something dangerous is happening, the whole forest will be burned!




Virgo: Avalanche

Virgo is as powerful as an avalanche whether you decide to attack the feelings of a Virgo intentionally or not.

It is the power of this avalanche that allows a Virgo to strike any obstacle that might be in her way; thus, a Virgo is never far from her success.




Libra: Tropical monsoon

Libra is the true likeness of the tropical monsoon.

It is almost impossible to determine the course of a Libra when he or she is angry.

In addition, you will not be able to know whether Libra will attack suddenly or torture you slowly and silently; in fact, Libra surely knows how to create calm before the storm!




Scorpio: Thunderstorm

A Scorpio is nothing less than a raging thunderstorm!

As strong and destructive as this natural disaster, the power of Scorpio is almost invincible if they are challenged or injured.

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Sagittarius: Tornado

A Sagittarius could look like a calm and composed person; however, if you bleed the heart of Sagittarius only once, you are in big trouble.

The rapid bursts of Sagittarius are as destructive as a tornado which is why it is advisable to stay miles from a raging Sagittarius.




Capricorn: Blizzard

A Capricorn is generally very kind. However, Capricorns hate disloyalty, and that’s what makes them display their coldest side of nature.

So you can call a Capricorn the twin of a roaring blizzard that will make your teeth clatter because of the piercing coldness.




Aquarius: Asteroid

It is a well-known fact that an Aquarius is generally confined to his own world. Therefore, while in rage, Aquarius’ explosions are not at all mundane.

In fact, an extremely angry Aquarius is so unpredictable and furious that nothing but an asteroid can suit as his soul mate.




Pisces: Flood

Pisces are known to be an emotional sink.

Pisces is so full of emotion that if attacked, Pisces is like the flood that washes things and leaves you devastated and miserable.


We are at the end of this article, at that point, you should be aware of the sudden reactions of each zodiac sign. Now that you know everything, you should try to be on your guard, especially when you are about to get angry or hurt the feelings of the one standing right in front of you, right? Good luck then!

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