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Which Type of Energy Healing Is Best for You

Around the world, you will find different types of energy healing practitioners from a wide range of disciplines. So what are the different types of energy healing and which one is right for you?

Unlike modern medicine, energy healing aims to release symptoms by curing the cause of the disease – be it physical, emotional, mental or spiritual.

In addition, energy healing work can be applied to any area of your life, from health to finances to relationships with emotions; you name it and the problem or challenge can be permanently eliminated from your life.

The choice of modality really depends on you and what suits you. Good practitioners will be able to help you regardless of the modality they practice – they are simply more likely to be an expert browser in their chosen area of application.

At the end of the day, however, almost all roads lead to Rome, and you should be able to use most of the available means to achieve inner peace and joy in almost all areas of your life.

For the rare cases where you cannot find relief, the list below may give you a better idea of the type of help you are looking for.



Clearings and entity removals:

Shamans and medicine men are excellent all-round healers because they will be able to help you work on a variety of aspects and get noticeable relief, usually quite quickly. Whether you have a physical, mental, emotional or spiritual illness, the majority of shaman-led processes can help.

Most shamanic work is based on the concept of helping you re-enter small aspects of your soul that have been hidden and protected during the shocking and traumatic experiences you have gone through, as well as working directly on your “physical” energetic body.

Most often, the shaman or medicine men’s realm, clearings and entity withdrawals can also be done by advanced healers. If you have been working on an aspect for some time and have failed to make a breakthrough, there may be negative energy or an entity somehow attached that interferes.

You can think of entities like mini-demons who may be attached to you, someone else, or the energy of an area you are working on in your life. Symptoms that may indicate an entity attack are:

  • Sudden loss of energy, illness or pain
  • Being brought back several times in the same cycles
  • Unexplained illness
  • Failed healing work
  • Chronic and persistent suicide and depression
  • Persistent feelings of low self-esteem and negative self-talk
  • Very localized pain that sometimes changes place

Places where we can get entities include pubs, clubs, bars, and restaurants, as there are many negative energies lying around in these places and alcohol lowers your psychic defenses. Women are also advised not to wear their hair down in public, as this helps attract negative energies that cling to the hair.




Acute and chronic disease:

For acute and chronic illnesses, as well as general body support and maintenance, you can consider ways such as BodyTalk to support your system and help it heal naturally while moving and circulating energies.

Acupressure, acupuncture, Chinese medicine, and reiki will also help you find relief, while the change in resonance can be used to change belief systems, generational patterns, active memories and other past influences that can affect you – the “emotional” and the “mental” causes of your illness.

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Changing your emotional state:

For acute emotional states like shock and trauma, as well as long-term negative emotional states like depression, you can apply most, if not all, types of healing modalities.

Modalities such as BodyTalk, acupressure and Reiki will help you effectively manage immediate shock and acute emotional states. A shaman should also be able to help you.

Managing longer-term emotional issues like depression will benefit from life coaching, shamanic work, change of resonance to change your belief systems and energetic resonance with past influences, and ongoing BodyTalk sessions to realign your energy system and help you create a new reality.

BodyTalk sessions can also be used quite effectively by introducing statements and challenges at the start of the session, as you would in Resonance Repatterning.




Bringing change in your life and changing belief systems:

When you get to the details, all energy healing is about changing the belief systems you have within you so that the universe will react to you differently and you will experience a different reality that is drawn to you.

All forms of energy healing will be processed by your physical body in the final stages, and the final mechanisms will always be double in you:

First, you will have a mental/emotional realization (a thought or a feeling). Second, the “change” will release through your physical body and be expelled, either through your excretory system (urine and feces), gas (bubbling in your belly, burping and gas passing), or tears and sweat.

If you have ever had an a-ha moment of insight, you have experienced mental and emotional change. An a-ha moment is a moment when you have a different thought about something and it makes you realize that you have misunderstood something, and you change your mind about it – usually immediately and at that moment.

It is also often accompanied by a thought: “How could I have been so stupid ?!”

In many cases, the a-ha moment of understanding (mental and emotional fulfillment) is the element that you are really looking for in a change because it is the element that creates a conscious change in you as a person.

Many healing modalities are aimed at bringing you to these moments of realization by passing through the emotional, physical, spiritual and subconscious “blocks” that you have, allowing information to rise to the surface. There are, however, some exceptions.

Certain healing modalities allow you to attack beliefs and belief systems head-on, triggering the energetic release of alignment by bringing awareness to your consciousness. These terms include:

  • Resonance Repatterning, which identifies mistaken beliefs using kinesiology then programs them out of your system while programming in a new reality.
  • The Mirrors of Relationship is a powerful coaching and personal growth mechanism that provides a framework for analyzing your challenge and allows you to reach a-ha moments.
  • Life coaching offers you a guided support framework in which to make changes in all areas of your life, using a number of different methodologies, tools, and practices, depending on the areas of expertise of the coach. Coaching applications range from neuro-linguistic programming to hypnotherapy, energy healing, tapping and more.

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Guidance and support in your journey:

In Kabbalistic practice, you are taught to seek out and align yourself with a teacher, because you need a mentor to help you make a spiritual journey.

The role of the mentor is manifold, as the mentor provides support, advice, and guidance to make sure you don’t make silly mistakes, get stuck unnecessarily, or get it wrong by interpreting something because you haven’t frame of reference for that.

Working with a guru, mentor, trainer, spiritual teacher, or shaman can significantly help you reduce the time you spend on your spiritual journey, as you leverage their wisdom and experience to help you grow.

From emotional neutrality (feeling empty) to deep depression and the awareness that nothing on earth will ever make you happy, there are a number of lessons on spiritual and personal growth paths that can go wrong if you misinterpret them in the wrong way.

In the end, you always have the choice of viewing lessons and tests in a positive or negative light. A simple change of perspective from a seasoned journeyer can change the way you see almost everything, and save you a lot of unnecessary pain and anxiety.

A good spiritual coach or mentor will help you find those angles that allow you to see and experience growth in a positive setting that energizes you, rather than draining you.


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