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Why Did We Come to Earth?

The society around us tells us: look for well-being, look for happiness. And we think this is the right thing, of course. Nobody wants illness and unhappiness. But what well-being and what happiness do we talk about?

The materialistic culture of our times puts before us a series of “goods” to be pursued: health and physical beauty, the workplace, the social role, the success, the money and all that is possible to buy physically or with money.

But then it always happens that none of these goods really gives us happiness or well-being. Or give them to us for a limited period of time. None of these goods is reached (if it is achieved…) in a stable and definitive way. So you do not understand why we have to work hard, run and get busy all day to achieve results all in all ephemeral. It is more the effort that is made to reach them than the time to enjoy them…

The new “holistic” culture, on the other hand, deserves us to seek the same “goods” in a more conscious way. Having more care of your body and your psyche, avoiding foods and experiences that create damage and seeking foods and activities that give wellbeing and peace to the body and soul.

It’s a beautiful step forward, but maybe there’s still something wrong. However, because this earthly happiness and prosperity so much desired by many Eastern and American “gurus” are always ephemeral in the same way. They do not last long, they are still subject to the arrival of physical or emotional storms, to the reversals of life, to aging, to the problems that come from external events.

And anyway – if we think about it – after a few decades, this physical body and this vitality we have dealt with so far will no longer exist. Yes, let’s say clearly without fear: we all die. No matter how much we have done for the care of our body and the comforts, pleasures, and tranquility of life… The body dies anyway. And let’s get away from the terrestrial environment and from the bodies that we have so struggled to make better and protect. And this happens anyway: whether we come from a materialist culture, or that we have been busy using all the beautiful indications of the new “holism”.


The Spirit

Some would say, “Yes, but I still want to live this life in the best possible way”. Of course, but what is the best possible way? Aiming only for something that then dies, or even deal with and above all “Something” that instead “does not” die? A “Something” that can take a positive result from life, even if you die anyway? And what does not die in us? The Spirit, our true Self, which is not the body or the physical brain or the lower and “sensory” parts of the psyche.

The Spirit, the witness who sees life unfolding, who participates in earthly existence pushed in various directions by society and culture or by their own drives, or by love… The Spirit who has at his disposal a psyche that pushes him in various directions… often spontaneously selfish. And a body with its needs, its problems, its growing heaviness.

But a Spirit that has within its enormous forces, and above all a formidable push for Good, to realize Good. And that comes to Earth to look for it in every way, often wrong objectives, often wrong, but looking for it every day. Looking for every day to do some good for himself and for those close to him.

All of us – without a temporary depressive pathology – have within us this fundamental drive to realize a good, a push that is called Love. But why do we have this push for Good within us and we find ourselves in a culture and in a society and with a psyche that often pushes us to make mistakes? The answer is not difficult: you learn by making mistakes. By making mistakes in doing good… you learn to do the right Good.

And that’s why our Spirit comes many times on Earth: to learn progressively to do better and better. And the more he learns to do the Good, the more he becomes a creator of Good. One piece at a time, one life after another… increasing our capacity for thought, feeling and action that realizes the Good.

The Spiritual World is realizing the growth of beings who one day will be able to do the Good of all very well. And it will be a great gift for the Cosmos and for the expanding Universe: new beings Creators of Good. As their capacities increase they will also be equipped with higher faculties and instruments. Like the higher spiritual beings around us who create the elements of nature, plants, animals, landscapes, the sun and planets, galaxies .. but also the bodies and paths of life that favor the experiences of growing beings like us.


What is the true Good

But then what is the true Good in the end? True Good is all that helps everyone’s consciences to grow and evolve. And why are we looking for Good? Why all this if we die then? What does it mean? Because the true Good within us is the growth of Consciousness, of the Spirit, of that immortal part of us that, through life experiences, learns, through life’s experiences, to do better the Good. To grow within us the immortal part of Us. The one that never dies.

So what is the physical body and the psyche? They are the wonderful tools made available to our Spirit from Heaven, to make the experiences of growth. Tools for every different life, depending on the growing needs we have reached in our long journey.

And the Spiritual World itself organizes for us the places, the turns of life, the flow of daily events that put us in front of the experiences that can make our immortal capacities of thought, feeling and will grow in the direction of doing the Good. To us, from time to time, the choice to do the right thing… or to do the wrong thing that then puts us in front of the instructive consequences of our mistake.

Now here is the delicate part of the question: we need to distinguish between the end of our life and the tools. If we deal with too much and only the tools exchanging them for the end of life, it may happen that we do not take into consideration a fundamental thing: the purpose of life is to increase the love forces of our Spirit, the ability to do Good. It is not the well-being of the body and the psyche, which are the precious instruments of this path, but not the end.

We can not, therefore, sacrifice the fundamental thing – the exercise of love for the other beings around us – in the obsessive search for well-being, for the exclusive care of our body and our psyche. Body and psyche serve to make the fundamental experiences of how we love, and of the error in loving that lead to the teaching of pain. But they are not the end of our life, which is instead developing wise, loving and productive immortal qualities of our everlasting eternal Spirit.

If we dedicate ourselves to the care of our mortal instruments, we must remember that the true end is growth, the evolution of our Spirit in its capacity to do Good. Because however, then the instruments become extinct – despite all our care – and what remains is only how much our Spirit has grown.

If we are only attentive to how we feed ourselves, our daily meditation, our health with alternative methods, the elasticity and vitality of our body, good readings and educational seminars .. we have done something important to keep the instruments of Love alive, But then these tools are to be used in the only way that really increases our immortal capacities to do Good: “loving”. “By doing” with love the good of the people and beings around us. Otherwise, those instruments – however deadly – will have been very efficient instruments that are not widely used, deprived of a purpose and of real utility.

Naturally, having the instruments of the body and the psyche available in life, our Spirit must take care of it. Because if they work badly they do not allow the body to go to make the experiences and the soul to think clearly and lucidly, or to the heart to feel good. And so the Spirit also grows by taking care of what it is better to eat for one’s health, what physical activities are useful, what is better to avoid. And also taking care of what ideas and feelings to feed and which to avoid … But above all doing Good, to learn how to do it.

And if you make a mistake by being carried away by inappropriate foods or activities, or by ideas, activities, and feelings that are not the true good of all, then this will derive a pain – just and others we love – of which to take care to heal and understand what is success. An experience that will make us understand what it is that we did not understand, that we had not heard, that we had not done well… To learn from the mistake.


Is the Spiritual Growth Project working?

The purpose of life is to learn better from these experiences to do Good, for Love.

How’s it going then? Rather well … since an important part – even if not yet a major part – of humanity, is learning that it is good to deal with awareness of nutrition and health of oneself and of others. That it is Good to love others, including animals and plants, considering them in the same way as themselves, worthy of attention, protection, and consideration. That it is good to cultivate ideas and higher feelings. That it is good to deal with the good of the consciences of all. And not just of themselves or their family group.

Yes, it’s going well anyway. We are learning, we are growing. And how do you understand it? We try to ask ourselves and the people around us: “Would you go back ten years, to your inner level of awareness then?” Almost everyone, surprisingly, will answer “No”. That inner level of awareness is precisely our ego, our spirit, the only immortal part of us. The one to cultivate first of all.

So if we answer “No”, it means that this wonderful machine of human growth works, that Heaven has not been wrong… that its project of human growth is not a failure, that the media and the catastrophic culture that surrounds us do not “See” at all how things are.

That every action of awareness for the health and the true well-being of our body and of our soul makes us grow. And every mistake leads sooner or later to a pain, physical and psychic, which pushes us to find where we were wrong to correct, to understand, to improve… To have a better Spirit to do the Good of all. Yes, it is going well, as long as we continue to seek every day with growing awareness and love the true good of the body, of the psyche and of the Spirit, ours and of all beings that surround us.

And finally, it turns out that the path we take in this direction is the only one that can give us a greater inner Well-being and greater Happiness. Even here, in the course of our life on Earth …

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