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Are You Actually a Badass, According to Your Zodiac Sign

The zodiac actually holds a little wisdom for all of us. That being said, we bet you didn’t know your zodiac sign could tell you this.

Some zodiac signs are just more badass than others. We all know that a person who refuses to stop trying new things and never says no to an adventure. While all signs are important they are all very different from what most people think.

Look for your sign below to see where you stand on the “badassery” scale:




You are so badass, usually, you tend to score around 70%. Although you have a temper and are often overly stressed, you don’t let others see it.

You can balance everything in your life very well and it really shows.





TaurusYou sometimes come off like a badass, but you really aren’t that badass. You are far too caught up in getting even and scheming to really care anyway.

That being said, you are quite skillful in general.





GeminiAlthough most Geminis are badass, they tend to stay halfway. You know when something is bothering you, but you are strong enough to pretend not.

You will rarely see a Gemini showing weakness. They tend to stay put even in the worst moments.





CancerYou’re not a badass at all, but you can definitely take a beating and still come out on top. You are much more negative than you might think and it can be a little overwhelming.

However, for whatever reason, no matter what you’re going through, your caring heart shines above all else.





LeoAlthough Leo is probably the most badass of all signs, he is still a person. As a Leo, you get angry from time to time.

You are much more dramatic than most and tend to get away with just about anything.





VirgoYou’re not a badass at all, all you do is waste other people’s time. For whatever reason, you tend to let your ego get the better of you and that is a very bad thing.

Sure, you can be interesting, but being an asshole ruins everything.





LibraYou have the ability to be badass, but you tend to be calm. You are not someone who supports the drama and you always make sure that your side of things is known.

No one can walk on you.





ScorpioYou are one of the toughest signs. You don’t take anything from anyone and you are generally not vulnerable unless it is a matter of the heart.

For some, it is a little too much and you must remember that.





SagittariusYou always take things to the extreme. While everyone likes to be with you, you are still fickle.

We don’t consider you a badass because you always run instead of facing things that are thrown at you.





CapricornYou are not badass but you are also able to stand your ground. You don’t do well with violence unless something or someone you love is in danger.

Of all the signs, you are one of the most assembled.





AquariusYou are damn badass. You always do what you think is right and never let others belittle you.

You stand up for what you believe in and that’s more than we can say for the most.





PiscesWhile you may appear like a “goody-goody” person, you also have another side that could be considered very badass.

You can go from content to ready for an attack in the blink of an eye. When you have to get vicious, you do it.



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  1. Virgo

    What the fuck did Virgo ever do to you? I’ve done more badass shit than most of these signs combined I just don’t brag about it until literally prompted via brutal exclusion and insult in a manner virtually none of the other signs received. Try being misunderstood and have everyone against you the whole time you’re sewing positive seeds in their minds and lives. Growth is a motherfucker and most tend to kill the messenger. You can’t kill us. We’re too fucking badass for that. The most badass sign by a vast margin is Virgo.

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