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15 Characteristics of The Blue Ray Beings and Their Mission on Earth

Have you ever heard of Indigo and Crystal children? And what about the Blue Ray kids?

It has been said that apart from the Indigo and Crystal children, the Blue Ray beings were born 100 years ago and reincarnated to further help those who still have goals in this world. The mission of these children is to make people more aware of what is happening in the world.

Many Indigos, Crystal, and even Rainbow children usually start out as Blue Ray beings, but when they do more, they evolve. Many blue ray beings are not immediately recognized, probably because of the families in which they were born.

They are symbolized by the bright blue color because they are surrounded by negativity. As soon as they go through negativity, that’s when they start to become different beings that will make a difference in this world.

Blue beings can be very sensitive individuals, but they have the power to overcome obstacles that get in their way and do their mission in the best possible way.



Here are 15 characteristics of a Blue Ray being:

1. Normally, you are calm and reserved. There is a touch of mystery around you that makes you look almost ethereal.

2. One of the most important things for you is to be able to express yourself. You manage to express yourself in creative ways.

3. You may need to heal many things by starting with your family and others before enlightening yourself about what you can actually do.

4. Sometimes you feel like you’re out of place in your family. You feel like part of another dimension or another world.

5. You tend to become the peacemaker of your entire family. You also do it with your friends.

6. You are normally sensitive to different types of food, noises, environments, electricity and other things that can be considered as distractions.

7. Sometimes you feel like you are young and old. You would like to know the things that young people are discovering and experiencing at the same time, but sometimes you also feel that you have wisdom unlike all people of your age.

8. You often feel misunderstood.

9. You can be super sensitive and you are able to communicate with other beings from different realms.

10. You can adapt to a variety of changes and you tend to stay in relationships that may not bring you anything for a long time because of your ability to adapt.

11. You have learned that your supernatural abilities should be hidden and you are good at observing people and watching them from afar.

12. You are very interested in studies of evolved races of the Earth.

13. You are very perseverant and you make sure to reach your destination, no matter how long it takes.

14. You have an astrological sign of water or air.

15. You sometimes feel a great sense of fatigue because you try to absorb all the negative energies and turn them into positives.



Your mission:

The main reason you have come here is to spread love, light, and peace to the rest of humanity. At the same time, you seek to make them more aware of the presence and existence of higher beings.
The love, light, and peace that you spread in different ways will be used by the higher races to improve the world in the best way possible.

Although you are generally misunderstood and people generally do not tolerate you because they do not understand you, you are aware of your mission and the things you can do to accomplish your mission.

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A note you should read as a Blue Ray being:

You are a very important being to the world because you are the gardener who is beginning to plant the seeds of love, light, and peace in the world.

You have the responsibility to ensure that the human race can still recover after its fall. With your help, you can make this world a better place for everyone and improve people’s global vision of humanity.

Thank you very much for everything you’ve done.



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    NAMASTE, fellow light workers.
    About aweek ago I discoverd that I ave all the traits of a Blue Ray empath.
    But there is something bothering me ,In a lot of articles about Blue ray says there birth signs are water or Air.
    Mine is not , I am a Aries my Birthday is 3 March 1959.

    Can you please help me to clear ths up.

    Thank you.
    Yours faithfully Frank Smaller.

    1. Teal

      My moms birthday is march 3rd and she is a pisces

  2. Yuki

    I’m a blue ray, yet my sign is Sagittarius. My birthday is 29 November 1984.

  3. jan

    I resonate greatly with this message, my birthday is 2 january so I am capricorn

    1. Janani

      Hey jan… im janani im born in 2nd January too it’s a surprise to see a similar birthday person have a bit of a similar name

  4. Brandi Lynn

    As stated by those above, I too resonate with all the indicators of being a Blue Ray. However, I am a Fire sign! More specifically an Aries, born April 4th, 1996. Just seems a little odd that it states having an astrological sign of water or air when there’s several of us that are Fire signs. Is there another being that we are unaware of that are so much similar that we might be confused?

  5. Dustin

    I am an Aquarius Sun of the second decan January 31st with an Aries rising and also have Venus in Pisces, Leo Moon

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