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How to Make the Most Out of the Energies of the Upcoming Year 2020

In Vedic or Indian astrology, the Sun represents the soul, is the representation of our outer self, as we want others to see us, our self-esteem, our courage, and our confidence.

The coming year is accompanied by many projects, hopes, expectations, and promises. Many want to start a project, play sports, strengthen a relationship. In astrology the new year 2020 is a blank page ready to receive the writing of a new story, of which we are the protagonists and we hope for a happy end.

But what guarantees us a good Christmas Eve to finish 2019 and start 2020 well? Many bet on the colors of clothing and their meaning, dancing and eating special foods. These are some of the most popular beliefs for good year-end vibes, beliefs inherited from our ancestors.



2020 – A majestic year

In astrology, the year 2020, which will be governed by the Sun, has a lot to offer us: prosperity, high self-esteem, success, optimism, because the sun is vital energy and, as a big star, it promises us a majestic year. In Vedic astrology, the Sun represents the soul, it is the representation of our external self, as we want others to see us, our self-esteem, our courage, and our confidence.

We know that we will have a helping hand with this star in power for 2020. But what about us, how can we help make this year a success?




How about starting with some tips? Here are some key points to follow for a great 2020:

1. Identify what is really important,  focus on what makes you happy, on people, at work, in short, use your energy for what it’s worth and what is necessary.

2. Set priorities, budget, rule out trivialities, ask yourself if you really need to buy such an item, what it will add to your life and if you really need it.

3. Less procrastination, don’t let the things you can solve in the day for tomorrow, don’t let the tasks accumulate, save time to do your tasks and there will be more fun.

4. Discipline and organization, difficult words that make all the difference, and that help you focus on goals and organize your time.

5. Avoid stress, toxic people and those who complain too much, be a little selfish and protect yourself from unnecessary problems, stay away from pessimistic, complaining and ungrateful people.

6. Don’t be late, try to be punctual, put your alarm clock a little earlier to wake up a little earlier so you can have your coffee calmly, take a shower to leave without tension for a new day of work.

7. Turn to a healthier diet, try new foods, new seasonings, new flavors. Cooking time is never a waste of time.

8. Arrange your appearance with new colors, a new haircut, new makeup colors, find your strengths and explore them, try to like what you have, beauty exists for everyone, just recognize your forces and use them well.

9. Grow your faith, find a philosophy or doctrine that strengthens your faith and makes you feel full, nourish your soul and your spiritual strength.

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