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The Truth About Curses and How to Protect Yourself from Them

As a society, we have always been intrigued by the dark and mysterious elements of the world around us. The curses and bad influences on our lives are a reality, but don’t worry – there are steps you can take to protect yourself.

In order to understand the way curses work in our lives, you must first understand universal energy. It is the energy that moves among us, found in every living specimen and inanimate object both on this planet and across other dimensions. This is what connects us to each other and to the Earth we inhabit. Plus, it’s what keeps us connected in ourselves.

When this vital energy is balanced and works positively in our lives, it can allow us to truly succeed. However, at the same time, when this energy is unbalanced or directed in a negative direction, it can wreak havoc on our lives. Negativity can wreck our relationships, destroy our self-confidence or even cause physical health problems. It is certainly not something we should ignore!



When someone curses you, what they are actually doing influences that energy.

In the same way that you can banish negativity or invite positivity into your life, others can use this energy against you. When someone directs their attention to the energy in your life, they can use their influence to balance it in one way or another.

Spiritual healers often use this power to bring happiness, balance, and harmony to people’s lives. They strive to banish negativity, introducing their positive influence into the energy of an individual’s life.

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The act of embracing darkness and negativity opens the door to a bad side of this vital energy.

If someone specifically directs negative energy towards you, wishing you bad and evil, they can bring “bad luck” into your life.

This experience often seems out of your control, but it really isn’t! If you start to notice signs of negative energy in your life, including excessive criticism and complaints, feelings of anxiety or depression, or difficulties in your relationships, then it’s time to do something about it. The key to freeing your life from a curse is to banish the negative energy from your life.

Here are some effective ways to release negative energy:



1. Burn White Sage:

Burning white sage has long been used to cleanse a space of negative energy. After lighting the white sage, cross the house clockwise, starting with the front door.

Direct smoke throughout the space, paying close attention to dark corners or hidden spaces such as closets, basements, and garages.




2. Reconnect your Thinking:

While the initial negative energy involved may have been introduced into your life from an outside source, your own negativity can make the problem worse.

Eliminate negative thoughts, focusing instead on the power of positive speech. Write positive affirmations, describing the direction you want your life to take, and say them in front of the mirror to start each morning.

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3. Declutter your Home:

If you are cluttered in your home, it can stop the flow of energy in your space. This will effectively trap the negative energy that has been directed at you while preventing new positive energy from entering.

Take the time to delete the items you no longer use. Take a step back and examine the flow in each room of the house, rearranging the furniture if necessary to promote better energy flow throughout the house.

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