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Monthly Horoscope June 2020 For Each Zodiac Sign

June begins with a revolutionary lunar eclipse in philosophical and adventurous Sagittarius (June 5), which pushes us to abandon outdated, counterproductive beliefs, thoughts and habits (especially with regard to love and relationships).

This eclipse will also require that we improve our fact-checking capabilities and focus on setting small, incremental goals.

Verification of the facts and simplicity of things will be particularly important when Mercury becomes retrograde in intuitive Cancer on the 18th. As the retrograde periods of Mercury are better for tying loose ends rather than starting new projects, Mercury retrograde in Cancer will also make it difficult to stay objective; making it a better time to deal with emotional issues or matters relating to home and family finances.

On the 20th, summer officially starts, bringing on Cancer season, emphasizing our emotional security and our food, in particular with the solar eclipse in Cancer on June 21. Under this eclipse, we can expect emotions to be elevated, to make personal care and tenderness important. In addition, this eclipse will cause us to focus on things that bring internal reward rather than external.

On the 23rd, Neptune the dreamer in Pisces becomes retrograde, increasing the confusion in the air and making it even more necessary to stay focused. When Venus retrograde ends on the 25th, we resume the path of romance and relationships.

Although when aggressive Mars returns to Aries on June 27, staying there for the next six months, we may have to be careful of anger and self-centered behavior. However, if one of us feels a lack of motivation, energy, or confidence, Mars in Aries gives us the necessary fuel. Happy birthday, Cancer!


Monthly Horoscope June 2020 For Each Zodiac Sign:




A serious update is necessary with your personal beliefs, as well as the way you communicate. Tip: you don’t always have to be right.

Relocation may be in progress, or you may have a cathartic breakthrough with a parent or family member. Your confidence and enthusiasm return.





An intimate relationship or close friendship could end emotionally when you are pushed to choose yourself.

A financial issue also needs to be addressed. In the meantime, could you be going back to school? Work on developing your skills. You do better when you do things solo.





An important relationship, professional or romantic, ends now that you are driven to honor your value and rethink your values.

Financially, big changes happen because you could receive a job offer or be pushed to improve your relationship with money. It is time to step up and be a leader.





Being overworked and underestimated was the case last year, Cancer. Your goal now is to take better care of yourself and find a job that is more meaningful to you.

It’s time to reinvent yourself. Opportunities come to you when you are ambitious, confident, and authentic.

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An unsatisfactory romance could die, pushing you to change your dating habits. Unleash the need for instant gratification.

Focus on building community. Some old fears may resurface now, but getting the healing you need and leaving the past will help. It is time to open a new path.





Emotions may escalate this month as you are challenged to cope with a difficult domestic or family problem.

You may have to regain your independence in one way or another. You are driven to align yourself with those who can promote your success, not harm it. Your desires are paramount.





It’s okay if you don’t have all the answers right now. Now is the time to learn and embrace new perspectives.

Be honest about what you want and be specific about getting it. A great career change is underway. Go where your heart is. Do not be so willing to compromise. Enforce your limits.





You are driven to face your fears about intimacy and the ways you prevent yourself from receiving it. In terms of your finances, a job could end, but there are better things on the horizon.

Work to rebuild your faith. The universe is about to surprise you. Focus on your well-being.

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You can’t always go it alone, Sagittarius. A new partnership is looming on the horizon, romantic or professional.

All in all, you are about to learn some great lessons about vulnerability. A breakthrough in finances is possible, just pay attention to the fine print. Your creativity is now flourishing.





It’s time to focus less on control or fear and to be more trusting and go with the flow. It is also time to improve your well-being.

A new partnership is coming, but make sure you are both on the same page. Home and family become stressful, have time to move or express your feelings.





Friendship and community make great changes when you are driven to focus more on yourself and less on others.

It’s time for you to get more in the spotlight. Improvements in your personal care are also needed. A new job could come. Refine your skills. Trust your voice and your ideas.





Your career and your ambitions are concentrated, which could push you to quit a job or to pursue a better gig, either for a better work-life balance or to get the recognition you deserve.

Love and romance heat up but beware of repeating the same patterns. With money, assert your worth.



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