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The Powerful Month of June 2020, Brings Life-Changing Cosmic Events

Prepare for a wave of new energies as we enter June. It will be a busy month for us, with a ton of cosmic activities going on.

It can get overwhelming, but remember that the energies will be positive and beneficial for us. Let us immerse ourselves in what the sky of June 2020 has in store for us!



June 3rd: A new Venus cycle

Venus is currently in retrograde, in the form of an evening star. Soon, Venus will turn into a morning star, starting a new cycle of Venus. As Venus will be born again, so will you.

The time has come for forgiveness, healing, and love. Get in touch with your inner self and try to access the deepest problems.




June 5th: Lunar eclipse in Sagittarius

This new lunar eclipse will be filled with powerful energies and will guide us to break the walls preventing us from evolving. This cycle is all about empowerment.

Mars will be active during this period so that the emotions could heat up. Unresolved issues resurface. It can be uncomfortable, but remember that to move forward, we have to face and overcome our problems.



June 17th: Retrograde Mercury

As Mercury begins to retrograde in sensitive Cancer, we will all be influenced to focus on personal care. It will be important for you to speak to yourself, even out loud.

Be aware of your problems as much as you try to understand your loved one. Meditate and take time for yourself. Heal yourself and you will heal others.

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June 21th: Cancer solar eclipse

The Life-Changing Cosmic Activities of June 2020On June 20, a solstice will take place to make way for the solar eclipse of Cancer on the 21st. The energies released will be so powerful that they will give the impression of a rebirth. Focus your energies on planting new seeds.

Work to strengthen your foundation so that you can go far in life.




June 22nd: Neptune retrograde

The dreamy Neptune will activate our inner spirituality and creativity. The released energies will be subtle, and therefore, we may not feel it on the conscious level.

It will play with our dreams and make us aspire to a kind of escape. Harness its energies to work creatively on your problems.




June 24-25th: Venus direct

As Venus becomes direct in Gemini, we will gain clarity. Use this time to dissect your relationship problems. It doesn’t have to be romantic. You can look at your relationship with your friends, family, or even yourself.

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June 27th: Mars enters Aries

Our warlike sensibilities will be activated during this time. Mars generally moves with an interval of 2 months. However, this time it will stay in Aries for the rest of 2020.

It is essential that we aim high and start working on our long-term goals.




June 29th: Jupiter retrograde and Pluto retrograde will align

This is the second such alignment of the year. The first occurred in April of this year. Use the energies released by the two celestial bodies to focus on your financial problems. Don’t make impulsive financial decisions.

Learn to harness cosmic energies and you will be unstoppable in June 2020.



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