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Opening of the 12:12 Portal 2020 – How to Use Its Energy

We finally come to the end of the year 2020, indicating all the reasons for celebration. Astrology for the month of December has revealed unusual and possibly life-changing planetary occasions like the much-anticipated Great Conjunction in Aquarius.

Considering that, we’re here to let you know that the luckiest day of the current month will be December 12th. Due to the important numerology of this specific date, this will be a great time to gain spiritual closure of the struggles of 2020 and start on a new page.

Twelve is considered the most charged and powerful number in the house of numerology and the reason is quite simple and straightforward. Our calendar has 12 months, our clock has 2 sets of 12 hours, 12 inches is one foot, etc.

On a spiritual level, we have 12 signs of the zodiac and astrology with many religious accounts all over the world. Jesus also had 12 apostles, Mount Olympus has 12 important deities according to Greek mythology and Buddhism has 12 principles.

On December 12th, the energy that seeks to complete its last leap will peak and astrology and numerology say that December 12th, 2020 will be the luckiest day.



Numerology of the number 12:12

Numerology views number 12 as a representation of the completion of cycles as well as the next spark of a new psychic beginning, which is approaching soon. This energy is great news as we are ending this particularly difficult year and hope to begin the next year afresh.

Number 12 will be the inspiration to remove spiritual remains of our past in order to make room for further improvements. December 12th will offer a double dose of the magic of this influential issue.

12 being a two-digit number, the energies of these two cardinal numbers are necessarily exponential. Numerology indicates 1 as the first number for new beginnings and initiatives while 2 represents collaboration and harmony. The two together indicate a new partnership that will be fruitful and positive.

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Astrology of the number 12:12

12th of December will be in the phase of the 4th quarter. It will edge on the threshold of the last lunar cycle which will mark the Eclipse of the New Moon in Sagittarius on December 14th.

This time of the Moon’s monthly journey is commonly referred to as the Balsamic Moon, according to astrology. This signifies a waning crescent-shaped Moon offering the final moonlight sliver before the arrival of the New Moon. It indicates the last opportunity to get rid of past baggage before embarking on a new journey.

Since the Moon is in the emotional and deep sign of Scorpio throughout the day, the astrological chance to deal with deep and mysterious truths before the Eclipse can provide real strength that can give a much-needed push for a fresh start in our life.

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How to make this energy work in your favor:

Remember the advice and messages from astrology and numerology regarding December 12th to optimize the energy offered. Resolve struggles and baggage so that you can evolve and experience things better in the future.

The final months of 2020 have been full of uncertainty and turmoil. December 12th is, therefore, the perfect opportunity to reach closure, release the spiritual baggage, and prepare for the new journey. Seize the advantage given by cosmic energy for your spiritual improvement.

In case you practice or occasionally indulge in witchy rituals, you can try ceremonial practices in order to clear or eliminate bad energy and make room for a fresh start. On the other hand, you can think of this opportunity as an offer to trade between negative waves for positive waves in the long run.


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