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The 5 Zodiac Signs that Will Experience the Best Sagittarius Season 2019

After a long and intense Scorpio season, it’s no wonder everyone welcomes the Sagittarius season with open arms. Moreover, this astrological season is turned towards generosity and openness. And the month of December and the season of Sagittarius 2019 will be the best for these zodiac signs: Aries, Leo, Aquarius, Cancer, and Sagittarius. All these signs will live an exciting adventure.

The month of December and the Sagittarius season will be like a breath of fresh air compared to the Scorpio season in many ways. This mutable sign of fire is governed by Jupiter, which is why he is so enthusiastic and optimistic. It’s the season to be happy, and enjoy life.

Jupiter is a planet geared towards opportunity and higher education. Governed by a joyous Jupiter – the essence of worldly Sagittarius revolves around self-discovery. Bold, risk-taking and naturally optimistic in the soul, Sagittarius is there to instill hope and confidence when you venture into unknown things. In the end, and unlike the energy of Scorpio, there is no time to lose during this month of December.

Remember, however, that Jupiter knows no limits, which can also be detrimental if you decide to abuse your budget. Nevertheless, do not be afraid to point your arrow at the sky and seize the infinite possibilities that will be offered to you.

The signs of the zodiac that will live the best month of December 2019 and the best Sagittarius season:



Aries: You will take the necessary risks and you will be enthusiastic

Once the sun comes into the world of Sagittarius and your ninth house, you will have a gentle surge of enthusiasm. When did you take a vacation for the last time? If long ago, this part of your theme will bring adventure, hope, and distant travel opportunities.

On November 24th, the sensual Venus will meet the lucky Jupiter via this area of ​​your chart, and this dazzling combination of celestial energies will probably give you a prosperous new start, especially after the new moon on November 26th.

In addition, Venus enters Capricorn and your ambitious career area on November 25, so do not be afraid to ask for a promotion. Jupiter enters this area of ​​your chart on December 2nd, which means you are about to become really lucky.




Leo: You will be serene and you will bask in self-love

With the sun still sending its burning rays through your fifth home of love, creativity, romance and children throughout the Sagittarius season and this December, you’ll feel more alive than ever. This part of your graph influences you well. That’s why you usually prosper during the Sagittarius season.

Sweet Venus will meet Jupiter via this part of your theme on November 24, which could finally bring recognition from others. You could fall in love with someone. Because the Sagittarius season will be exciting this year, so make sure you live it fully. You will be creative.

The new moon in Sagittarius will illuminate this part of your theme and bring new things to your self-expression. Do not be afraid to be bold with your creativity, because it will be the right time.




Sagittarius: You will celebrate life and all its blessings

You are always looking for the best thing to do. And you can also thank your partner for that. Your birthday season this year is promising, especially considering your planetary aspects.

The delicious Venus will meet the great Jupiter in your sign on November 24th, which will probably bring you a possibility of blooming straight from the sky. This new year is synonymous with a new you.

However, Venus is oriented towards beauty, so if you want a new hairstyle or a new dress, you’re lucky, because the main passion of Venus is the appearance, so be sure to take some pleasure if you do it. Otherwise, do not hesitate to fall in love with yourself and your life, because you will shine during this season.




Aquarius: For you, the month of December will be a whirlwind good energies

The month of December will be a whirlwind of energy in the life of Aquarians, this period will require these signs to change your standard of living and leave your comfort zone. The Universe will put growth opportunities on your path and make your dreams come true, and you will not be able to resist them.

Well-being and money will be natural consequences of this new period of life for you, however, you will have to do your part to make this happen. It will not come overnight, but when that happens, it will be a time of joy and plenty for you.




Cancer: You will be able to exploit your creativity and will be rewarded

For you, the month of December will start very well. You will develop your creativity and you will be rewarded with your talents, surely financially.

If you are part of this sign, start reviewing all the plans you have left behind, as it is very likely that one of them will start working well. You will also reap the benefits of your work and some recognize at work.

Believe in yourself and your talents during this month of December and Sagittarius season, they will be very appreciated and you will begin a phase of great positivity and well-being.

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