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Total Solar Eclipse and New Moon in Cancer, July 2: Positive Energies, Enthusiasm and Optimism

On July 2nd, we will have a new moon in Cancer, but the pleasure will be doubled thanks to the total eclipse of the Sun taking place at the same time! When the new moon is partnering with the solar eclipse, optimism invades us.

It’s a new cycle with loads of positive energy coming your way. Spend this amazing time with your family and friends – share some of the positive energy with them too.

The new moon is about well-being and wealth. As it is known to bring people together, it may be a good time to make or conclude peace agreements. Open-mindedness always helps when many people are together; this creates a circle of acceptance.



What does solar eclipse mean?

The solar eclipse, which is an exceptional phenomenon, is the moment when the Moon is between the Sun and the Earth. It is powerful since the Moon dominates the Sun and covers it completely. This solar eclipse will be a total solar eclipse, so you will not be able to see the sun anymore.

Unfortunately for observers, this eclipse will take place above the Pacific Ocean. But the whole band will still cross South America. It will begin east of New Zealand at 16:55 (18:55 CET) and end in Argentina at 21:50 UT (23:50 CET).

The new moon, on the other hand, concerns the beginning of a new cycle and the end of another. The influence of the new moon will last about 4 weeks, but the influence of the solar eclipse could last about 6 months!

The new moon is a new beginning – a time to reset and set good intentions. It’s going to be an important night, with the lunar cycle beginning.

We live a busy life and we often do not have enough time to organize rituals or do anything during the new moon. Our ancestors had complicated and time-consuming rituals, and even though we appreciate them, we do not have that luxury.



But, try to do these little things on July 2nd:

  • Deep breathing.
  • Reflect on your own life.
  • Think about what you want to be in the future.
  • Defining your future intentions.

I’m sure you can do these little things.

It is time to take advantage of what you have learned and to celebrate the equality of men and women. You should probably look to the past and congratulate you for the journey you have made. Cast negativity and begin to understand how you live.

You begin to take steps towards an organic and spiritual way of life. Yes, there will be times when you will encounter obstacles. But never stop growing. Concentrate on the positive, learn lessons from failures and evolve.

This period is turned towards personal development. Start by worrying about your well-being. Eat healthy, reduce calories and eat vegetables and fruits. Go to the market this summer to buy fresh, healthy food. And slowly resume the sport or a little physical activity but be careful if you do not do it.

Start seeing people who love you and take care of you. Enjoy them – listen to their advice. Learn to receive love and to give love too.



Ritual of Abundance Control.

Write a check to get plenty in your life.

Write it within 24 hours of the new moon. You do not have to put a date on the check and you do not have to write any amount. Just write paid in full. Store it in a safe place and let the Universe take control.

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