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The First Month of 2020 Will Bring a Big Challenge to These 3 Signs of the Zodiac

We are getting closer to the new year and expectations for this new period are beginning to emerge. How are we going to do in 2020?

Can we achieve our goals? Will we have more difficulties or luck on our way?

We may not always have the answers to all these questions in advance, but the stars can warn us of certain things, in particular, that January 2020 has everything to be a period of great positivity and happiness, except for the people born under these signs.

For them, the year could start with difficulties, and it will take all their energy and strength to overcome this difficult phase and continue the year with more positivity and motivation, to achieve each of their objectives.



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Pisces could start the year with a big problem in their finances. They will have to spend a lot on unscheduled appointments and urgent events, and they will find themselves in a complicated situation. At work, they will also face fights and conflicts with their superiors.

The trick is to work on self-control and seek the support of family and true friends, who will be essential to give you the strength and confidence you will need to overcome this difficult time. The start of the year could be complicated, but the winds will soon turn in your favor. Have patience and faith.





Scorpios are not very concerned about their health and well-being. Always focused on “living in the present moment”, they can neglect personal care a lot and, at the start of the new year, suffer the consequences.

Care must be taken to take care of physical, mental and emotional health so that they can make the most of the year, invest in their personal goals and make good use of the opportunities presented to them. Take care of yourself, protect yourself, it’s fundamental to your happiness.

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Virgo could experience one of the most difficult situations early this year: betrayal of a loved one. These people will have lost their confidence and, as a result, will become cold and distant, building a wall around them to protect themselves from the pain.

It will not be an easy time, but you must not give up. Finding the strength and love in you to move forward will be essential to heal completely and attract positive people who will help you recover and find happiness.

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