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How the Full Moon in Gemini on December 12 Will Influence Your Love Life, According to Your Zodiac Sign

We are currently in the fiery season of Sagittarius, and with all the romantic comedies we are seeing right now and the freezing temperatures that make us want to snuggle against our partner, it’s hard not to think about love. The next full moon will rise on December 12, and turning to astrology to understand how the full moon of December 2019 will affect your love life might reveal some useful information.

It will take place the day after Venus, Saturn, and Pluto, which will occur in a serious, work-oriented Capricorn. Expect confidence and openness to be tested during romantic relationships. We will probably feel uncomfortable with our emotions, and this kind of restriction and resistance to vulnerability may be difficult if your relationship is already going through complicated times.

It will also be an opportunity to evolve in your love life – if relationships resist, they will emerge stronger.

With this full moon in Gemini, we will feel more enlightened about how we want to change things in love. Keep in mind that Gemini’s energy could draw our attention to a million things at a time, so be sure to step back and focus on important love decisions.

All this lunar energy will manifest itself differently in your love life according to your zodiac sign, so read on to find out exactly how the December full moon will affect your love life:




With a heavy workload or a new job to manage, you have invested a lot of energy in your work lately. But do not put aside your love life, because you could miss out on great opportunities during this full moon.

Do not let your professional life hinder love. Find a balance. Use the duality of the moon in Gemini to help you better distribute your attention.





The most beautiful encounters are often when you least expect it. Taurus, you could live a new romance that will strengthen your confidence.

The last full moon of the year will probably be romantic for you. Open your heart to love and let yourself be vulnerable.





Gemini, it is your full moon. Your need for intimacy is high, making you want to cuddle your other half all day. With the moon in your sign, this will be the perfect time to put words on your feelings.

If you feel the need to move your relationship to another level, tell them exactly how you feel.





The outside temperatures may be cold, but the full moon energy in Gemini will warm you up. Take a bath with your other half to remove seasonal stress.

Make this moment as romantic as you can – candles, bubbles, fresh flowers – and if you do not have a partner, enjoy it solo.





With the full moon in Gemini the talkative, you’ll be in the mood to party. Invite your partner with your friends for a fun night out in town.

The energy will be ideal for it to become closer to your circle of friends. And if you are single, this full moon will be the perfect opportunity to go out and meet someone.





Having a busy agenda is not new to you, but the work has been particularly stressful and has left you feeling uncertain. Do not be so engrossed in stress as you risk neglecting your romantic side.

Work could have an impact on your love life, so make sure you take time for your loved one.





Libra, you have recently experienced dramas in your love life, but you are a water lily surrounded by murky water.

Do not let any gossip hinder the beauty that awaits you. Your dynamic approach will help you rise above the chaos.





The moon in Gemini does not always correspond to the kind of love you are looking for, Scorpio, and with the other astrological aspects at stake, you could find yourself easily agitated with regard to your relationship or your love life.

Do not be passive-aggressive, express your truth now. It is essential that you set boundaries with others to avoid disputes along the way.





Your life has illuminated in all areas, but under this full moon in Gemini, you might notice that worrying about your love life has saturated your thoughts.

Try to find a balance when it comes to love problems and do not let your mind run wild in love stress.





The engagement will seem even scarier and heavier than usual considering the aspects affecting this full moon, but keep things in perspective. Fear can stop you from engaging with one person right now.

You tend to be cautious, but do not miss out on a beautiful relationship just because you are afraid of being vulnerable.





With the full moon in another air sign, you will feel ready to reveal your romantic feelings after a period of caution. Romance will be in the air for you.

Try not to dwell on the decisions you have made in the past. With work, you can break the patterns, focus on eliminating old habits that no longer serve you in love.





Pisces, the full moon in Gemini will provide an excellent opportunity to reevaluate where you put your energy and give your love life the attention it currently needs to flourish.

You will learn to balance your private life and your professional life to be available in love.

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