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The Scariest Thing About You, According to Your Zodiac Sign

Sure, there are things about each zodiac sign that could make it scary, but which is the scariest? With all the possible traits and so on, there must be one that “scares” the rest, right?

Whether you think you are “scary” or not, does not mean that there are no scary things about you. We all find ourselves a bit odd from time to time, even without trying. Below, we will review each zodiac sign and what makes them so scary. Which do you think will be the scariest?




You are a little obsessed with your path. You are the type of person who gets violent enough when things go wrong and people are uncomfortable.

While this side of you doesn’t get out often when it does, those closest to you become very uncomfortable.





You will literally track down who you are with or even someone you are leaving a relationship with. You have trouble crossing the boundaries of others and tend to go a little too far when your heart is involved.

It’s something that keeps a lot of people around you.





Because you are so divided most of the time that you seem scary. The fact that you can spend laughter and fun crying when nothing has happened really discourages others.

It’s super creepy and everyone around you doesn’t know what to expect.





You are a little scary because you like to be the victim. While it may not be obvious to you, you love to let people walk on you. You never defend yourself and always go through the motions to make things look worse than they are.

It’s like you want people to feel bad for you so that you can get close to them, and when you’re down you always try to use those feelings to your advantage.





Your ego makes you super scary. You think that you are above everyone else and that you are sometimes quite narcissistic. Of course, you are charming and kind but when your real colors show, things are getting nasty.

Even in the worst situations, you want all the attention.





You are scary in some of the most interesting ways. The scariest thing about you is your determination, you never stop! Once things have started, there is no turning back; it’s as if your mind did not allow it, whatever the price before you.

If you are a Virgo, you know exactly what I am talking about.





The scariest thought about you is that you want to be in control all the time. You refuse to let anyone around you make your own decisions and always try to do what you think is best, even if you shouldn’t be.

You are too passionate this way and it can be slightly terrifying when things get really hot.





You seem from time to time scary because of the way you react to things. When something bad happens, it’s like a fire inside you that lights up. You do not get angry, you become repulsed and you strive to completely destroy the reason for this feeling.

Depending on what or who you go after, you may end up sending out major “creep” signals.





You are scary because you let go too easily. You don’t get attached to things or people like other people. When you decide to leave the ship, nothing holds you back.

You can jump without a second thought, it’s something that most people can’t do.





Your lack of emotion and your refusal to see the world as it is, makes you pretty scary.

You are determined and know that you are responsible only for yourself. Most of you don’t care about others.





You are scary for a number of reasons, but your scariest trait would be your desire to get things done. You want to save the world, but your methods for the better are unconventional.

You put too much effort into something that will not bring any real change, your passions are radically displaced.





You are scary because you refuse to see the world for what it is. You hide and choose to ignore the people around you.

Your emotions are overwhelming, but not in the same way as they are for others. You are not what we would call rational.

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