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How You Ruin Your Own Relationships, According to Your Zodiac Sign

When it comes to romance and astrology, we can learn a lot about ourselves and others. The more you look at the stars, the more you will learn and that is truly amazing.

Although we all have our own traits and characteristics, most of us are quite faithful to our zodiac signs, which can help you grow or hold you back depending on how you look at things and how you face life as it unfolds before you.

We all have toxic qualities about ourselves that our zodiac signs can highlight and if we work on these things, we can also solve many problems that arise in our relationships. That being said, few people are ready to push for change and this ultimately transforms their relationships as a whole.

Below, I will review each sign of the zodiac and what people born under them do to ruin their relationships, whether they realize it or not. If you are doing the things listed under your sign, you may have to really stop and look at yourself and where you are headed in your current romantic encounters, do you want the same things to continue to happen?

Becoming aware is the first step to bringing about real change.




As an Aries, you are very selfish and looking for attention. You tend not to admit it. You don’t think about your partner’s needs and it makes them feel like they’re invisible.

Because you start your work and do not know how to slow down, things quickly become toxic when you do not put your efforts in the right places.





As a Taurus, you are extremely stubborn and leave your partners feeling that they have no choice but to agree with you and do as you see fit.

You get jealous too easily and are quick to use violence in many situations. Being with you in many ways is a constant struggle and after a while it becomes exhausting.





As a Gemini, you can be everywhere. When someone wants to settle down, they want to have a clear idea of the direction in which the life they are sharing with you is going and you are not often able to do so.

This, combined with the value you place on material items, really weighs on your relationships. Sure, things could work, but in many cases, they end up failing.





As a Cancer, you are overall a negative person in general. You tend to keep a rather discouraged state of mind and unless you work, your relationships will suffer.

Since you are also generally quite jealous and suspicious of those around you, you are generally not the easiest person to meet.





As a Leo, your arrogance sometimes takes precedence over you when it comes to love. You feel so much better than everyone else and you are extremely confident. Although trust is high, your partners tend to feel left out because of the way you do it.

They end up feeling more like your fans than your partners and this weighs heavily on the relationship as a whole.





As a Virgo, you are far too critical of the people who care most about you. Although you feel like you are helping, you are making it worse. As a lover, you are supposed to build your partner without breaking them.

The more you demand from this person, the more they will be distant from you.





As a Libra, you don’t open yourself very much at all. You are always so closed and undecided when it matters most. Rather than knowing what you want and going there, you wait until things are placed in front of you.

All this weighed down by your manipulative side makes romantic encounters difficult for you.





As a Scorpio, your possessiveness closes things for you. People do not like to be treated as if they were objects.

They want to be on the same level as you and able to work with you instead of fighting tooth and nail every step of the way.





As Sagittarius, you are very impatient and carefree. You don’t pay attention to the desires or needs of the people around you.

If it doesn’t benefit you, you don’t want to participate and life doesn’t work that way. You move too fast and end up making people feel over their heads.





As a Capricorn, you are too serious and cannot forgive properly. You always remember the past and never know how to joke. It’s like the closer you get to people, the more you hide from them.

It curses things before you even have a good start.





As an Aquarius, you are a very inconsistent person and that lets the people in your life take over. In relationships, we don’t want to have to go back and clean up after someone else all the time. We have our own “sh*t “to manage.

You are also quite stubborn and generally unpredictable, which does not make the best potential partner for anyone.





As Pisces, you are quite lazy and can be in a bad mood. When you are depressed about something, you take your frustrations away from the people who care about you most and can drive them away.

You always seem to be looking for a way out and when you’re in a bad mood it’s like things never get better in your mind and you don’t take long to say “f**k it”.


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