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These 4 Zodiac Signs Will Experience the Best Lunar Eclipse of June 2020

By looking back in your life, you know that everything can change in an instant. There are times when relationships end and new ones start; moments when you experience failure, paving the way for success down the line.

These are moments that defined your journey, and although they felt uncomfortable at first, it was what pushed you out of your comfort zone and made you so much stronger.

In astrology, these moments often coincide with an eclipse, and the June 2020 lunar eclipse will be the best for these signs of the zodiac. For these four signs, it can be the start of something beautiful.

However, in a sense, the “best lunar eclipse” is a kind of an oxymoron. Most often, the experience is rather dark and intense, because it is through the pain that you are encouraged to work harder to become your best self.

Think of an eclipse as a time of purging everything in your life that is currently holding you back from where you need to go. It can seem as liberating as it is terrifying, so embrace the unknown. Wherever you are during an eclipse, this is exactly where you need to be.

Taking place on June 5 at 3:12 p.m. ET in expansive, spontaneous, and mundane Sagittarius, this lunar eclipse (also known as the strawberry moon eclipse) consists of breaking down walls that are holding you back and opening your mind to deeper perspectives.

There are things you may have judged too early that this lunar eclipse will encourage you to review. There are attachments that prevent you from embracing your independence and this lunar eclipse will force you to break ties with them.

If you were born under the influence of Aries, Leo, Libra, or Aquarius, this eclipse could simply involve changes that you welcome with open arms:



Aries: You are on the brink of an exciting new journey

Everything may seem uncertain at the moment, but certainty never produces adventure. It’s the unknown destination that makes the trip so exciting.

You’re on the brink of an adventure, so take a look and enjoy the experience of it all. If you let it pass, you’ll wish you had appreciated it. It is a moment in your life that you will look at with tenderness and nostalgia. Live it fully.

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Leo: You open your heart to self-expression

There are so many explosions inside you. However, without a way to express it, you won’t feel overwhelmed and frustrated. All this anxious energy is disguised as creative energy.

Channel your feelings to do something that taps into your inner artist and reconnects you with your romantic side. Do not seek perfection either, because the most satisfying creativity always takes place when you make a mess.




Libra: You speak your reality into existence

It’s time to say what you think and learn by listening to what others have to say. You only control how you choose to speak and get your message across.

Your communication techniques define your relationships and your thoughts eventually become your reality. Now may be the time to say what you were so afraid to say and accept the consequences. Your needs are more important than how others react to them.




Aquarius: You learn who your true friends are

Not everyone can come with you as you embrace the next phase of your life. Sometimes a relationship has value only for a period of time and is not meant to last forever. It is time to learn that it is normal to let go of people who no longer have a place in your future.

Honor the relationship you had, but honor your growth even more. You make room for people who will inspire you and support your transition.

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