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June 2020 Monthly Tarotscope, For Each Zodiac Sign

Did you know that you don’t need a physical game to complete a reading? In fact, your monthly tarotscope for June 2020 will tell you which card captures the month ahead, based on your zodiac sign.

If you feel intimidated by the tarot, there is no reason to worry. In fact, you don’t even have to think of yourself as a “witch” or believe in magic to get anything from the tarot.

When you ask a question in tarot, then choose a card, your intuition connects with the meaning and imagery of this card, allowing you to connect the dots. It is a tool for reflection, introspection, and of course the practice of witchcraft.




Five of cups

It may seem that all hope is lost, but you are not looking at the situation in the right light. You focus so much on everything you’ve lost and every mistake you’ve made that you miss everything you’ve learned.

There are so many great opportunities waiting for you. Now is the time to close this painful chapter in your life and look to the future. You’re ready.





The tower

The towerThe universe pushes you out of your comfort zone when you least expect it. Try to keep things as they are, the universe intervenes and takes things in hand.

Embrace the beauty of being out of control. There is nothing you can do about your situation, except adapt. Believe it or not, you will eventually remember this time of change and you will feel so grateful that it happened.





Queen of wands

Queen of wandsYou worked hard and remained resilient throughout your battles. Now you learn who you are, what you want, and how to become your best self. You have all the tools you need.

It’s time to finally execute your plan. And dare not think small. Embrace the courage to try something that seems out of your league, because you will only surprise yourself.





The hanged man

The hanged manYour gut instinct may be to charge ahead and start as early as possible, but there is already so much weight on your shoulders.

Before you can carry more, you need to free yourself from the heaviness you no longer need. Give up bad habits and negative thinking patterns. Forgive yourself for your past. You lose your skin and it is a process that does not happen overnight.

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Six of pentacles

Six of pentaclesYou have worked so hard on yourself that you are now able to share the wealth. Lending a helping hand to others will give you the satisfaction you are looking for.

In fact, if you are lonely, focusing your attention on the needs of others will almost always be the remedy. Do not think about what you will get in return for your help. The positive impact you will have is reason enough to do so.





Page of wands

Page of wandsYou have so much excess energy that you get nervous. However, all these restless thoughts contain something precious. Instead of letting them pass through your mind without stopping to inspect them, grab one and take it seriously.

Start planning a way to bring this idea to life, one step at a time. You will ease your anxiety by focusing entirely on one project.





The emperor

The emperorYou become someone that others can count on, so make decisions based on their needs. You could become an incredible leader if you commit to it.

Think about what the person you most admire in the world would do, and then follow their example. It’s time to take yourself seriously, because the universe is, and it needs your support now.





The hierophant

The hierophantYou have so many visions of higher consciousness and spiritual elevation that you seek to achieve. You know that you are able to climb into this energetic space.

However, this will require discipline. Create a set of rules that will soon become a lifestyle that promotes the Zen you imagine. Commit to meditating, praying, keeping a journal, practicing yoga, or whatever works for you.

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Ten of pentacles

Ten of pentaclesYou have worked hard and the results are coming. These achievements are proof that you become someone who is capable not only of providing for himself but also for those of others.

Don’t let responsibility make you afraid of your success. This is the next phase of your life. At this point, you can take a step back or forward.





The world

The worldThe end of a long and difficult journey is finally ready. This month can involve you closing the chapter on a project, a relationship, or a period of your life when you feel the triumph of having overcome so many struggles. You don’t feel bitter to say goodbye.

You feel so much relief that all the pain is finally behind you and you know that you have become stronger for having gone through it.





Page of cups

Page of cupsHave you ever had a brilliant idea to see that idea come to life by someone else years later? It is a bitter and unfortunate feeling because you know you could have done it first.

Let this feeling guide you this month. Don’t wait for the world to pass your idea on to someone else. Be the ship that brings these ideas to life so that everyone can benefit even earlier.





Four of wands

Four of wandsThere is a very personal and private aspect of your life that needs to be looked after. The rest of the world can wait because your attention should be focused on the things that matter most to you this month.

Enjoy beautiful things, live in the present moment, and return to hobbies and to people who remind you of better days. It will bring you the calm you so deeply desire right now. Your heart needs tender and loving care, so don’t deprive it of what it needs.

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