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These are the 6 Most Loyal Zodiac Signs! Your Secret is Safe with Them

It is very difficult to know which people can really be trusted. We are often disappointed by those we trust most: family, friends and those who have been with us for many years. This kind of situation forces us to close more and more of our hearts to new relationships.

However, even if your trust has been betrayed many times, not everyone wants to deceive you or manipulate you. There are many people with whom you can open up, talk about any subject with the certainty that you will be listened to and respected, even if one day they are no longer part of your life.

An easy way to identify people who deserve your trust is to use the zodiac signs. In the list below, we reveal the 6 that you can count on the most. They are often respectful and loyal people when it comes to protecting everything you say or do.

Want to know if you can trust someone? So, check the list and see if the sign of the person is present!

Here are the 6 most reliable zodiac signs:




Scorpios tend to be reserved and to be discreet in everything they do. They believe that the disclosure of secrets or plans for the future to those around them is a great way to attract bad luck. They always keep their own plans and the secrets of the people around them.

You can always count on a Scorpio because they will never reveal to others what you have told them. He is often the ideal person to let off steam and break free from a weight in the form of words because he will never share his personal moments with anyone, even if you get confused or move away from them.





Taurus values relationships and knows that respect and trust are essential to maintaining a healthy friendship for many years. For this reason, they often attach much more importance to silence than to words.

Becoming very close to a Taurus may not be so simple, but once you have established a strong bond, you can always count on him because he will be one of the most trusted confidants you will encounter.





Most Virgo signs have great emotional wisdom, which means they can very well understand the feelings of those around them. They also know that this is a very special gift and that it should be used intelligently. So, whenever someone comes to talk about a particular problem, the Virgo sign makes sure everything stays confidential because he knows how much gossip can hurt a person’s life.

On the other hand, Virgo signs are also able to give very valuable advice that helps people understand their value and move forward with joy in their lives. To have a  Virgo sign in your life is to know that your secrets will always be well kept and that there will always be a light on your path in the darkest moments.





Capricorns have particularly well-defined values ​​and principles and never depart from what they believe to be right. One of the priorities of his relationship is discretion and respect for others. Therefore, nothing you experience with a Capricorn will be shared with anyone.

They are often extremely wise and just people, who know that they can never get anything valuable by hurting or betraying their surroundings. Capricorns will carry their secrets to the grave because their conscience would not allow them to live in peace with treason.





Pisces signs have very developed intuition, so they are always able to grasp the feelings of others without necessarily speaking to them. That’s why, often, when you tell them something, it does not sound like something big.

However, trusting enough to share personal problems makes them honorable, and Pisces will never want to break that trust by sharing this intimacy with others. Pisces greatly respects all those who trust him, who believe in him and he will do everything to never betray these people.





Leos are valuable people and know very well what loyalty means. They never betray their life companions, no matter what the issue. They know that a strong, healthy relationship is important.

In addition, they attach great importance to their social life and wish to be recognized for their good behavior. That’s why you can always count on  Leos. For you and for themselves, they will always keep your secrets and preserve your relationships as much as possible.

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  1. Manal

    Scorpio? Are you kidding me? No they don’t keep a secret and no you can’t count on them that would be your biggest mistake on your life because they will manipulate you and they will tell your secret to the whole world if they felt like they need to even to protect themselves or to show they are better than you or if they are mad at you or just for the sake of enjoyment its all justfied so don’t be a fool and tell your secret to a scorpio they can’t help but throw it back to your face one day!
    To whoever wrote this article, you are either a Scorpio and you put yourself first because you love knowing about people secrets (that’s what you live for if you are a scorpio) Or You don’t know nothing about astrology!

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