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Energy Forecast for the Month of August 2019

August is a brighter, lighter and more hopeful month, with lots of fresh inspiration to offer. If we can open our hearts, open our minds, and allow the Universe to do its magic, we can access so much abundance this month!

August contains the vibration of the number 8, which is powerful in numerology and represents the infinite journey of the soul and the movement between the “human” and the “being.”

Throughout the month of August, the cosmos is giving us opportunities to get in touch with our being and to raise and welcome the fact that we are all intuitive, energetic beings, with much more wisdom and knowledge than we believe.



Black Super Moon in Leo and Mercury retrogradation stop:

The first dose of opportunity and fresh wisdom comes when we enter the month with the Super Black New Moon in Leo and Mercury stopping its retrogradation.

Both cosmic events will help relieve some of the tensions that may have arisen during the month of July.

The fact that mercury is direct will also help communication efforts feel a little softer and may reveal some important information for you to make safer and more informed decisions in the future.




Leo Portal Gate:

After this, we have the Leo Portal Gate that peaks on August 8. This 8/8 energy will help us to rise and tune into energies of higher frequencies so that we can receive psychic discharges and access higher realms of consciousness.

Under this energy, it is a great time to visualize and manifest what they would like to bring to your life. It is also a time to honor and recognize your spiritual gifts and to remember that you are much more than a body.

Each of us comes here with a purpose, and part of that purpose is to bring our true authentic nature, our spiritual essence to everything we do.

Part of our purpose is to honor and possess who we are, this musical note of perfection that is our vibration, and then allow our music to mix and blend in perfect harmony with the rest of the world.

If you are looking to take advantage of this essence, activating your energy centers or chakras can help.




Jupiter in Sagittarius and Uranus retrogradation:

After this, we have Jupiter going straight in his ruling sign of Sagittarius on August 11. If you thought you could celebrate a less retrograde planet, you won’t be able to do it because, on the same day, Uranus becomes retrograde!

Uranus will recede in the sign of Taurus until January 2020. While the effects of this setback will be subtle, under this energy we will be guided to reflect on where we need to be more independent and where we need to be more open when asking for help.




The Aquarius Full Moon:

After this, on August 15, we have the Aquarius Full Moon, which also bears this same theme of independence.

Where do we need to affirm ourselves and our independence? Where do we need to allow more freedom? When do we allow ourselves to give up and ask others to help us lighten the burden we have been carrying?

These are the types of questions that this Full Moon may raise for you, but it is still much lighter and brighter energy than we experienced in July.




The Virgo Season:

On August 23, we say goodbye to Leo’s season and move to Virgo’s season. This is a season for health, for healing and for reflection, it is a season to focus on creating a routine that is productive but rooted in self-care.

Outside of burning Leo and inside Earthly Virgo, we will also be inspired to root our energy and spend time connecting with Mother Nature.




The meeting of Mars-Venus:

On August 24, we have the meeting of Mars and Venus. The two heavenly lovers are very busy throughout the month, but they will share a quick kiss before separating until they meet again in 2021. This romantic energy will help activate the soulmate and twin flame contracts and help us all to wake up our own hearts




New Moon in Virgo:

Finally, the month ends as it began, with another New Moon, this time in the sign of Virgo.

This August 30 the New Moon in Virgo is our last gift for the month and another reminder that it is time to focus on the new fresh energy that the universe is offering.

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