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7 Signs You are Receiving Cosmic Information that You Should not Ignore

Your brain does not only create thoughts, but it also serves as a receiver. Depending on what you are paying attention to, your brain will receive this information.

Cosmic information gravitates all around us. We represent in a way fragments of this cosmic information. Everything is connected and interconnected to everything that exists, and everything comes from the same source – you, the earth, the galaxy, and everything else.

Our way of life can sometimes move us away from our true cosmic purpose. This is why ‘Cosmic Intelligence’ will try to send us messages or indicate us updates make us realize and bring us back to the call of our heart.

Sometimes, these cosmic messages can inspire us with revolutionary ideas and inventions never realized before.

Anyway, we all receive cosmic information from time to time. But not many people know when these messages appear in their lives.

So here’s how to know when you receive cosmic information:



1. A sudden inspiration:

Inspiration is a mental stimulation that allows us to do or create something. It usually happens when you start going to the heart of a subject that you are passionate about.

Sudden inspiration is an obvious sign that you are receiving cosmic information because it mentally stimulates you to do something that will bring you back to your goal.




2. A stream of dreams:

According to some legends, part of your soul goes into another world when you dream. It’s the world of dreams. A world that lies between your subconscious and reality.

You can receive important messages from your own subconscious and ‘Cosmic Intelligence’.

Having new ideas and receiving information about things that are difficult to access in reality is an obvious sign that you are receiving cosmic information.

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3. A signal from the subconscious:

Watch a movie where you suddenly hear the answer to a question you were asking yourself recently. Listen to a song that talks about a message you think you should hear. Read a panel that resonates deeply in you and with your reflections.

All of these examples are means by which ‘Cosmic Intelligence’ attempts to draw the attention of your subconscious to communicate with you.

Listen to what it’s trying to tell you.

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4. Gravitating around an idea:

You may be writing, or watching a new series, or chatting with your friends, or just having some thoughts, however, there is always a thought that persists to surface.

Whatever you do, you are constantly attracted to a certain idea.

This is an obvious sign that ‘Cosmic Intelligence’ is trying to direct your attention to something you need to focus on.




5. Geometry:

Geometry is said to be the language of the universe. Some forms are called “sacred” and contain powerful messages for all.

When you have a habit of perceiving a form, it is quite possible that it will reappear in your life. Whether sacred or not, it is an obvious sign that there is a message to decipher.

The numbers, shapes, and even the letters are geometric. So any geometry that reappears should be carefully examined.




6. A rise of emotions:

The information does not come only in the form of rational thought. Sometimes the information is abstract and emotional. It’s this kind of information that gives us the answers we need the most.

Being overwhelmed by emotions can have many factors.

But a sudden surge of emotions is usually accompanied by a sense of clarity and motivation. And it is an obvious sign that you are receiving cosmic information.

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7. Love:

Feeling a sense of love, not for one thing or for one person in particular, but for everything around you, is one of the best states of being.

Moreover, it is the state where the receptors of your body are activated to receive the ‘Cosmic Light’; this allows you to absorb cosmic energy, receive information and evolve your DNA.

Getting to that feeling of unconditional love sometimes happens suddenly, and when that happens, you just can not understand why you feel like it. You just feel like you’re feeling love for the world around you.

This is an obvious sign that you are receiving cosmic information.

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