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Chinese Horoscope for 2020 – How Your Sign will be Affected by The Year of the Rat

According to the Chinese horoscope for 2020, the new year starts on January 25th and will last until February 11th, 2021.

This time, the ruler will be the sign of the Rat, which should motivate entrepreneurship, facilitate small businesses, investments, applications, and acquisitions and promises a period of discovery, excitement, search for knowledge, use of intelligence and strategy and opening up new avenues and practical solutions.

Unlike western astrology, where every month is governed by a sign, in the Chinese horoscope, each animal governs a year. To find out what the year of the Rat contains for your sign, consult the date table to find out what your Chinese sign is.

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Chinese Zodiac Signs




RatFor those of this sign, you won’t enjoy much solitude, but this year you should think twice before getting involved in fleeting novels. However, the Chinese horoscope 2020 promises a fun-loving life if you respect the other person’s needs and feelings. For those who want a serious relationship, the advice is to avoid interference from third parties.

For those who are already a couple, the advice is to participate more in your partner’s life and make each moment a special and unique moment. In work, the year favors independent or autonomous activities.

If you have a job, it’s a good time to save some extra cash. Now if you are looking for a job, the doors will open with opportunities.





2020 brings a new atmosphere to the sign of the ox, attracting new experiences, encounters, and novels. There will be many emotions, relaxed moments, the opportunity to consolidate bonds or establish more serious relationships in the medium term.

Its dedicated and stable way will make lasting compromises easier, but it’s worth keeping an eye on and controlling stubbornness.

In work, you try to embrace the world and this is not the ideal thing to do at least for this year, so don’t get overwhelmed by multiple activities and projects at the same time. Your organization and discipline will facilitate professional enterprise and stability.





For love, in 2020 a tense relationship is expected for the tiger. But be careful, the people of this sign are not satisfied with little and can end up overloading and suffocating the relationship. Also, control impatience and avoid imposing yourself harshly.

For everything to flow better, lead your love life lightly, with love and sincerity. For work, the year will require more diplomacy in professional decisions and your spirit of leadership will help you gain more workspace.

You just have to exercise authority by avoiding going against others’ values. Beware of money, the year will be neither good nor bad when it comes to money. In the first half, you can make good money but don’t lose anything, because in the second half things go slower. Therefore, bet on wisdom and foresight





For those who are of the sign of the rabbit, you should love peace and try to avoid the things that take away your peace. Therefore, the Chinese horoscope for 2020 predicts that you will always seek the path of reconciliation and lightness. In addition, the year should strengthen love, trust, and commitment by promoting balance and avoiding quarrels or discussions.

For those on the track, the advice is to avoid relationships with too young or immature people. At work, there will be good humor and dedication throughout the year, including advantageous opportunities since you know how to exploit the difficulties.

However, avoid slacking off, because there is always someone who can take your place. Economically, everything is fine, but minor mishaps can occur in the middle of the year. Try to prevent it. Even if for a moment you need to dispose of the good, the difficulties will be fleeting. Overall, the year is in balance and with the possibility of profits in the second half.





In love, practicality and leadership are characteristic of those born under this sign, but by 2020 you will have to watch your mouth to avoid hurting your loved one.

If you are single, you will tend to have transitory relationships without compromise. Even so, you will have to put aside your pride for love to prevail.

It is not an indifferent year to you, which will spare no effort to get involved and enjoy the novels. In the work, this year will be exalted and those odds that you thought were lost should reappear, but don’t comment on the results or plans with others so that everything goes well. Discretion is always the best way to achieve success.





In love you are possessive and jealous, you will experience difficult and doubtful situations in 2020 and it will be normal to feel insecure. This should be a cycle more conducive to sexuality than to love life, although flirting brings great satisfaction since reciprocity will be real.

For those who are already a couple, the key to strengthening the relationship is to act with attention and confidentiality, but do not expect this attitude to be recognized and dedicated in the same way.

At work, don’t underestimate your skills and keep going. The year is unstable for the safety of materials but favors openness in new professional fields. It is a cycle of reflection on whether you are doing what you really like or if you are involved only out of necessity.





In love, freedom is your greatest treasure, and for love to be sustained you must have your time and space, but no act of indifference or contempt, okay? A good mood can help in your relationship. Also, watch out for disagreements.

If you are single, the year reveals intense love, even if it is short. At work, even if you experience some initial difficulties, you will see your working life take off. A piece of good advice is to revive your curriculum with technical courses.

In addition, meeting deadlines and goals is essential for everything to work, so pay attention to punctuality. The year will bring rewards for past efforts.





In love, sincerity, affection, and complexity are the basis of the relationship for those born under this sign. By 2020, empathy will be needed in relationships, without forgetting self-love. The novels already built will swing or revise to eliminate certain nuances. For those who are single, the year favors flirtation that can come with the help of friends or even a friendship can become love.

At work, the year will be of courageous actions and affairs, such as the opening of new initiatives and a possible change of position or job during the cycle. The key is to stay focused on what you can do, not stick to vain expectations or rely on others’ promises.

Watch out for quick expenses that can turn into debts. The advice is to plan, do not act on past situations and do not abuse luck. The year is very profitable, but if there is no discipline, a financial snowball will lead to debt or loss.





In love for those who are of the sign of the monkey, they know they love the movement, the surprises, and the news, and 2020 will be as they really like it, full of romance with much chatter and celebrations. Flirting can come during travel or parties but tends to bring a certain superficiality of love. Be careful not to manipulate relationships and always consider the feelings of others.

At work, the year is good for small businesses. For larger businesses that involve more responsibility and dedication, it tends to be a little more complicated. However, there are opportunities for growth in the professional field.

With money, small setbacks can occur at the beginning and middle of the year, but this does not necessarily result in losses or losses. You need to recover quickly, as you are very smart and able to find unexpected outlets in the financial sector.





In love for singles, 2020 promises pleasant encounters, many flirts, but no guarantee of stability in relationships. It is the year of meeting other people without being totally in love. For those who have a stable relationship, be careful so that misunderstandings do not lead to withdrawals or crises, and if you really love the people around you, try to be careful not to hurt their feelings.

At work, trying to discover a new talent can lead you to new perspectives. There is an increase in personal skills and the breadth of technical knowledge in your area. It is a good year to step forward, grow and stand out from the rest.

With money, the greatest difficulty will be saving or saving values. In order not to make matters worse, avoid borrowing money or using a credit card. The second half should offer more chances for gains and profit advantages.





In love by 2020, there may be discrepancies in love life and passing disappointments. But if you have a spirit of freedom and mutual respect, you can have a crush that can turn into something more serious. For those who want to have fun, without compromise, they will have the opportunity to meet different profiles than those used to.

If you are a couple, you should not forget that the exchange of love is the basis of everything. For the job, this will be a good year to simplify business and work, offering professionalization opportunities.

The highlight comes on the agenda of the year, which leads you to be a true leader or the need to take charge of a group.





In love this will be an affectionately remarkable year and its seduction power will be increasing, attracting different people. Throughout the year you will prove to be a tireless lover, with the possibility of experiencing very pleasant moments. You will also have the opportunity to consolidate commitments. In flirting, it’s a good time to go out and get to know new spaces and leisure.

At work, the wasted possibilities can come back into your hands and a job application or a job already done in the past may be coming. Don’t get discouraged and watch out for signs, so you won’t regret it later.

If you are looking for a promotion, a salary increase or a financial return, this is the year. If you are thinking of buying a property, a car or traveling for a long time, the doors will open.

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