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Comet NEOWISE Brings Intense Energies as it is Approaching Earth

As you may know, Comet NEOWISE recently put on a good show for those with binoculars. That being said, whether you have something to aid your vision or not, you are probably feeling the energies of this comet’s encounter with our planet.

This comet is getting closer and closer, which means that these energies are really increasing. The closest approach will be on the 23rd of this month (July) and well, it is going to bring intense emotions.

While in the past it was thought that the comets passing over our planet were a source of evil and a sign of something terrible to come, this is not quite what they are nowadays.



However, we believe that NEOWISE means a big change in the world as a whole.

Once in a Thousand Years Energies as Comet NEOWISE Approaches (2)This is not a bad change but a reminder that if 2020 has been horrible so far, things will be better. The comet brings with it warm energies which, for those who are sensitive to energy, have been quite reassuring for the past two weeks. While it is not something that everyone can sense, those who have learned it know very well how powerful this kind of thing can be.

This comet brings us all to a place where we are going to face the things that we had to face and from there we can grow tremendously. As its closest approach manifests, we will be able to take the lead more and distinguish ourselves from others in new ways. It can very well ignite the creativity in all of us.



While this in itself is a wonderful visual event, it is also a spiritually wonderful event.

It’s a chance for all of us to learn something new and really work to find ourselves properly. Don’t just sit back and let this once in a lifetime opportunity go to waste, take the initiative that is presented to you, and work on yourself more properly.

Things are not always what they seem, it might not look like much but it brings energies to the left and to the right. This event in itself is powerful. We are all moving towards something great.

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