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What Does It Mean To See One Of These Winged Messengers?

According to the ancients, each winged messenger represented a precious sign that could illuminate the path of people. The animals expressed the forces of the Gods and meeting them constituted a veritable manifestation of their will.

Let’s find out the meaning of the most common.



Swallow spiritual meaning

The swallows are messengers of happiness because they embody the regenerative forces of mother nature. They symbolize the return of Persephone from the Underworld and the beginning of spring. To see one near the equinox ensures abundance and protection from adversity.

If they nest on your home they announce serenity, fertility and good luck. But if the nest is destroyed by a third party you will have
to expect misfortune and bad news.




Robin spiritual meaning

To see a robin is always a good omen because his red feathers symbolize the invigorating power of fire. Indicates the success of a project, luck, and prosperity.

If a robin enters your home (or your garden) then it means that there will soon be positive changes. Ensures protection from evil and overcoming obstacles.




Raven spiritual meaning

Ravens have a reputation for bringing bad news. Most of the time it is so but you have to consider them powerful guardians. They warn us when something is about to go wrong. I do not necessarily speak of portents of death or black magic but of trials that we will have to overcome by destiny.

Associated with the solar god Apollo, the raven symbolizes the discovery of the truth. To see one means that you are ready to discover something important for yourself and for your spiritual evolution.

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Heron spiritual meaning

The heron symbolizes rebirth. To see one indicates that the difficulties are about to end and the time has come to turn the page. Life changes coming!




Dove spiritual meaning

The dove was sacred to Aphrodite the goddess of love, beauty, and peace. To see one means that you will soon experience a pink period, full of serenity and lightheartedness.

Open your hearts and get ready to experience sweet emotions…




Peacock spiritual meaning

The Peacock was sacred to the goddess Era, therefore, symbolizes success, wisdom, fertility, and prosperity. To see one means that the couple’s relationship is firm and happy (possible marriage).

If you are single you could meet the right person. However, finding a single peacock feather is a bad omen: envy and negativity loom over you and your home.




Hummingbirds spiritual meaning

Hummingbirds were sacred to the Aztec god Huitzilopochtli who every night defeated darkness to make the light of the Sun shine on Earth.

Hummingbirds are little warriors and always carry a message of hope and joy. If you regain your trust in yourself nothing will hinder you. Take some time to revive your spirit.

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Bat spiritual meaning

The bat is not a messenger of death. To see one indicates that you will have to face a great change, a moment of transition in life. Bats ask to stay alert to seize new opportunities, signal long life, and prosperity.

They remind you that your intuition is the best weapon against dishonest people. Trust what you perceive.




Falcon spiritual meaning

The Falcon is a sacred holy messenger to Horo and Apollo. Meeting one means that you must pay attention to those around you and prepare for the battle.

A danger, a complicated situation will need to be evaluated with foresight. Eyes open, only in this way you will win the victory. Dreams must be studied carefully.





The Owl is the messenger of Athena and meeting one means that you have to expand your spiritual knowledge.

Events will signi¡cantly change your life, for better or for worse. Choose wisely what thoughts to follow because success will depend on your ability to govern the mind.

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Stork spiritual meaning

The stork symbolizes rebirth and motherhood. It was often announced as a pregnancy, positive events in the family, opportunities that will improve their lives.

It can also announce the visit of the Spirit of an ancestor.


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