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Monthly Horoscope November 2019 For Each Zodiac Sign

With the long transit of Mercury in the sign of Scorpio, the mantra of the month: it is “Let it go”. Fairies and witches will keep company with every sign of the zodiac: Halloween pumpkins and ghosts will fill our homes throughout the period.

In November, your thoughts will become more witty, dark, almost… thrilling!

The intuition will be much deeper, the vision of life will be penetrating. You will not need a torch to shed light in the darkness: you will only need to have confidence in yourself and move forward, despite everything.

You will make profitable investments, you will run risks, you will venture hypotheses. November 2019 is the right time to jump into the fray.

The month of November satisfies all the signs of the zodiac with gifts and presents thinking of the arrival of Christmas, knowing that the year 2019 is coming to an end. All ready to make a list of new resolutions.


Monthly Horoscope November 2019 For Each Zodiac Sign


Aries November Horoscope

An excellent month for personal relationships continues a very good transit of Jupiter. For close-knit couples, you can already leave for a big 2020 project: a child, a change of home or a transfer that will be completed by March or April of the same year.

Beautiful skies for projects involving long-term situations, overcoming past complications or looking for new horizons in view of the coming months…



Taurus November Horoscope

Despite being a year that does not question the great certainties or important work paths, it is not excluded that in the last three weeks you have experienced a sort of reaction contrary to the one that surrounds you.

2019 is always a year of strong feelings, but even when you have great strength from the stars there can be times when a small sentence or an apparent slight contrast can become giant mountains to cross…



Gemini November Horoscope

It is time for checks but also for small positive changes. In a few weeks, Jupiter will no longer be the opposite. And this is just the beginning of a good recovery phase. Love asks for a little attention this month above all, work issues are more important to you and therefore also put aside your feelings.

In long-standing couples where there has been a disappointment, one must avoid complaining. The last thing you need to do is stand against each other …



Cancer November Horoscope

Jobs that start at this time can take off next year, it was not easy to change some routes and give up something important. It is a special month for feelings, rather quiet and with very few surges.

It will not be impetuous, in fact, but it will be noted on the 20th, in which you will be able to see something. Who starts a story this month or started it in October by May 2020 could make a great choice…



Leo November Horoscope

There is a competition taking place within your work, even if the pressure is strong you continue to be at an advantage and you could become particularly controversial. Strong work or economic tensions must not be poured into love.

However, it is difficult to keep the areas separate and have the necessary calm. The strong tension that also matured in October is smoothed by Venus, which returns in a positive aspect and helps you partially …



Virgo November Horoscope

Here’s a month of drastic decisions, Jupiter is approaching in a favorable aspect after it has besieged you for many months. The paradox is that right now you could be intolerant to everything and blow up situations that have made you lose your temper for too long.

Those in love confirm their feelings, those who have experienced a crisis are free from all kinds of perplexities. So in this particular month, you can decide depending on what you really want …



Libra November Horoscope

You could close all the wrong situations. And so if you think that in a company there is no more space for you, your thought will be to look around, do different things than usual. If you work in a family or in a group for a long time, it is necessary not only to review your aspirations but also your role.

The love stories that have experienced a recent crisis must be recovered in time because, especially since December, it will no longer be possible to go back …



Scorpio November Horoscope

The last months of 2019 are very interesting, there is no star that can put you in excessive embarrassment. And even Uranus in opposition, a planet that has been signaling, since last year, the need to change course, projects or workgroup, seems more a friend than an enemy.

With such stars, it is easier to think of getting married, living together. If it is true that the beginnings of the year have created problems in these two weeks, you must pay attention to a possible drop in energy …



Sagittarius November Horoscope

Venus arrives in your sign and Jupiter is still your favorite for a few weeks. Here is another moment of strength, besides the Sun from Friday 22 illuminates your life. It remains a very interesting sky for those who want to get involved and raise the bar, compatible with what is possible.

The stars of love reward all those who have had the courage to live a relationship without hesitation. Jupiter, however, does not protect misdeeds, attention …



Capricorn November Horoscope

The long dissonant Mars transit may have created some disputes with the people around you in the workplace. November is a month that brings greater clarity in love, the last phase will be decidedly interesting even for couples who have experienced some crisis in the past.

November is a recovery month, the last ten days will make the difference widely. Soon the splendid transit of Jupiter in the sign will be recorded …



Aquarius November Horoscope

In the second part of November and even more in December, you can begin to see the first results of a new positive situation that involves working life. In particular, those who have started a new project this year will be more satisfied.

If you have resisted provocations in the last two months, married life now becomes lighter again. Those who continue to attend a married person must find a solution …



Pisces November Horoscope

Here is an important, prelude to a situation of great strength that starts from December. The moment is interesting for all those who want to start a project, a program that will register a great success.

Whoever was waiting for the authorization to marry, the courage to declare himself, will not have to wait long. The dissonance of Venus is a relative aspect, everything can be accommodated with a vein of goodwill. The physical form must be cured …

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