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12 Stages Of Awakening Each Person Has To Go Through Before Enlightenment

Awakened souls are able to attract other awakened souls as they are able to recognize the vibrations of one another. The awakening process is a long one, but it is well worth every single step!

When you are fully awakened it is up to you to help others on their paths to being fully awake as well. You will notice people who have just barely begun their journey and they need you. Awakening is something that continues on for quite some time, but if you really think about it there are many checkpoints along the way.

These checkpoints are things that slowly work together to transform a person’s life into what it needs to be. If you are awake looking over the list below will definitely remind you of your past experiences and if you are not it will give you insight on the things to come. Please pay close attention to these stages and do not try to skip any as it will put you right back to the start.



Stage 1: Confusion

You will not know where you need to go in life. Things will seem dull and boring but at the same time confusing. You will be at a loss for words and afraid of moving forward in life.



Stage 2: Restlessness

You will feel frustrated and upset about how your life is going. You will wonder where things went wrong and fill yourself up with a burning desire to make a change.



Stage 3: Realization

You will begin to see things differently. You will experience things on a different level than before but the pain will not go away.



Stage 4: Tug of War

It will feel as if you are playing a game of tug of war with yourself and losing. You will be nervous and tired but you will not give up.

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Stage 5: Fear

You will begin filling yourself with fear and wonder if you really should continue on this path. You will muster up the courage to leap into the unknown all the while things are crumbling around you.



Stage 6: Darkness

Things will continue to collapse and you will end up living in complete darkness. You will be completely terrified about what is to come and wonder how things could ever get better.



Stage 7: Change

You will begin to wonder if a change needs to be made from within yourself. You will take the time to reflect and find happiness from within.



Stage 8: Connectedness

You will realize that in order to change the world you need to better yourself and you will begin to feel more connected to the universe surrounding you.



Stage 9: Gratitude

You will begin researching the metaphysical and appreciating the life you have been given. You will follow the urges that come with this and begin working to find your higher purpose.



Stage 10: Synchronicity

You will begin noticing the small things that the universe is sending your way. Your conscious mind is expanding and you are beginning to notice all the numbers and shapes of the universe.

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Stage 11: Self Authenticity

You will gain more clarity when it comes to your purpose in life. You will focus on your energy and your true self will begin to come out.



Stage 12: Higher Consciousness

Your mind will have changed drastically by this point and things will begin unfolding. You are no longer afraid of the challenges that come your way. You are working alongside the Divine progress and feel loved. You are aware now that this life is temporary and that you are here to make this world a better place.

The whole awakening process is something put in place to make this life easier for you. Once you get past the first few stages you will feel much more secure in this world. Peace is well on its way. Pay attention to what the universe wants for you. Do not ignore it.


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