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Every Planet Is About to Go Direct – Take Advantage of this Unique Opportunity

Retrograde, retroshade, retro-something – it seems that there is always a sassy planet in the sky that ruins your plans (or which haves your ex sliding in your DM), right? Well, no more! (For a bit, at least.)

On January 10, all of our planets have happily advanced and no longer bind you. That’s right: Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto have all speed up, which means that you too can see the open roads ahead. What is most important to you on which you want to progress?



First, let’s talk about retrogrades:

Retrograde planets tend to slow us down and bring back the past. 2020 is going to be a year filled with retrogrades: we will face a passionate retrograde Venus very similar to an Adele breakup album in May and June and a Mars retrograde forcing us to relax in September to November.

When a planet retrogrades, we see it recede from our point of view on Earth. Although no planet actually turns out of orbit, the optical illusion creates effects in the area of our lives that it governs. When a planet slows down, our plans or relationships also slow down. If it’s frozen in the sky, everything in our lives stops. When it slides back, we revise our plans or revisit the past. Finally, as the planet begins to shine, our lives dance too. Crazy, right?

Retrogrades may seem to haunt us, but trust: they are a blessing in disguise. They allow us to refine our goals and often bring a karmic lesson (or a person) with which we must reconnect to fully reach our highest potential. So when this ex hits you, the Universe may say that you have more to learn from each other.




The meaning of each planet going direct:

With Venus, the planet of love and marriage, living its best life (i.e. moving forward), it’s a great time to start a relationship, get engaged or get married. The new love found now can last a very long time and will not have as many hiccups. Take the initiative to pursue the person you always wanted because your love could really line up.

Mars, which is our booster rocket in the sky, governs our dynamism, our energy, and our will to persevere. With all of this on fire, it’s a hot time to reignite lateral agitation, launch a new project or start a new career.

Mercury, the fiery planet that governs technology and communication, is in a good mood, so you can sign all of these important contracts or buy the latest products without worrying.

Finally, with Jupiter, the planet of miracles and prosperity, which also lights up, everything that begins or progresses now can see a serious chance in it!




One more thing:

Astrology shows us windows in the time when our efforts will receive the greatest blow for our money. Make a list of all the things you want to accomplish in your next year (professionally, personally and spiritually) and start taking action now.

Use this time as your cosmic green light will only last until February 16. Then we will be brought back into a short retrograde period. From March 9 to April 25, however, the stars will advance in formation again. After that, we won’t have a fully retroshade-free sky until 2021. What are you waiting for?

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