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The New Moon in Scorpio and Retrograde Mercury Are Here to Shake Us Up

The New Moon in Scorpio brings cosmic changes for all of us. Located in a sign of water, this Moon will affect the flow of our lives.

This period seems all the more important for us because it brings us closer to our dear loved ones.

As the day of the dead is in a few days, the veil between our world and theirs will dissipate. And it will be easier to communicate with those of the other realm, but do not forget to listen to your intuition when you do it.



This New Moon in Scorpio guides us to the realm of the dead.

This New Moon in Scorpio guides us to the realm of the dead

The light will return with the winter solstice, but until then, the darkness will become darker as the end of the year begins now.

Most cultures around the world think that death is a bad and terrible thing. But indigenous tribes know that death and life are two sides of the same coin. Death is not permanent, it will lead to rebirth.

The holy season of death is now upon us and we must respect the cycle of life and death. Death is not limited to our physical bodies. Death can mean simply giving up all the toxic things in and around our lives. Fears, betrayals, addictions, let them go.

The light of the New Moon will help you eliminate the negative emotions that weigh you down. If you avoid the negative, the positive will rush to you. When you stop fearing change and death, the possibility of a new life will be stronger for you.

The New Moon in Scorpio will cover us all with hope and optimism. Concentrate on your spirituality and you will be guided to positivity. The Moon will test our trust and faith in the universe.

We must not lose faith in the powers that be and the Moon will surely guide us through the troubled waters. Listen to your spiritual guides and angels – they will give you strength in your moments of doubt.



Besides the New Moon in Scorpio, we also have a retrograde Mercury aspect.

mercury retrograde

Mercury will change dynamics on October 31 – yes, Halloween falls at the same time. Prudent people will not want to be crazy and we can not really blame them.

Cosmic energy will be rather hot. The demonic forces will be active during the days leading up to these great events, but you can still seek the protection of the One that rules everything.

When we learn to connect to the energies of Nature and Cosmos, we adjust our inner sacred nature. We must now harness the energy of the New Moon in Scorpio to look within us.

We must find ways to live a life not only more peaceful and happy but also more connected with the Cosmos.



This New Moon is the perfect time to initiate new beginnings.

Sow the seeds of what you want in your life. Think of a wish, a project or an intention. You will see how the Moon will work on your wish as it grows and things will come true when the Moon cycle comes back again.

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  1. Michelle Hales

    I’m having a time with the negative energy it jus seem to want to hang around me when I go for the positive then something else will come up that block my blessings or to intervene,I’m all for the universe and the good things and positive transformation that it has for us,I’m so ready to embrace it all wat exactly should I do to bring more positive energy and rid this negative I’m dealing with

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