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Saturn Conjunct Pluto, January 12 – Enormous Changes to be Expected

Sometimes the Universe brings out alignments so unique that it makes us stop and look. Such alignment awaits us as Saturn joins Pluto on January 12, 2020.

To put it simply, this conjunction is the planetary alignment between two planets placed to a degree that is similar to each other. The degree itself resides in the zodiac. And although such alignments are not so rare, the Saturn-Pluto alignment is considerably rare.

It will be at Capricorn that Pluto and Saturn will line up on January 12. At exactly 22 degrees, the two planets would meet and although this is the only time of year when these planets line up, it would cause a massive ripple effect that would last throughout the year.

It was in 1982 when these planets aligned for the last time, in Libra. But it is the only time that everyone could see the two planets in alignment in Capricorn. We may never see it again, making this event even more precious.

It goes without saying that this is a special event that deserves a lot of attention from the astrological community around the world, and so it will.



What to expect:

Since we have always been connected to the higher realms of the Universe, it goes without saying that we would be able to understand the events around our own environment by checking the stars. Thus, the alignment of the earth and the other planets would be a light for our own security.

Although astrology tells us how to cope with vibrations and understand alignments, how we actually experience it and how we deal with it is entirely up to us. Each human being has had a different experience that can never be equaled.

Putting this in this situation, the conjunction between the two planets would provide us with unique experiences, but there are still several aspects to consider. The energy that will be projected from this conjunction would have massive impacts on things around the world.

We could use history to determine where we were the last time Saturn jointly met Pluto and we had wars, economic crises, authoritarian governments, etc. And it’s not really surprising.

Saturn has always had a reputation for being very cold and unforgiving. On the other hand, Pluto is all about rebirth. So it wants to break down each existing structure to rebuild something from scratch. But although their intentions are good, their results could be power-hungry and overbearing.

It should be noted that the two planets have a dark facade. If we looked deeply, we would notice that this darkness hides positive energy that is greater and more powerful than ever.

Because, in a higher domain, Saturn consists of working for the bread. Saturn sets healthy goals for itself and will never give up on its ideals. It reminds us of the challenges we still face while giving us the capacity to meet those challenges.

In comparison, Pluto consists in transforming us into superior beings. It wants us to reach our full potential, for which it is about to provide us with full support. Pluto announces the highest transformation of everyone that would allow us to return to the love from which we came.

While it’s not clear what Pluto and Saturn could concoct the coming year, it goes without saying that whatever they do will herald massive changes for the world.

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