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Today’s New Moon in Sagittarius, the Most Transformative of 2019 – Prepare for a Rebirth!

The hardest, lightest and most emotional moments of this year have passed.

The time of dissolution, as well as the release of old methods, will give way to the new year 2020.

These dark themes that cross our worlds until the end of the year may seem daunting. But do not be afraid, the Cosmos brings us a powerful gift to make it easier for us in the dark.

The process of cleansing, integration, and liberation during this dark period will be amplified with the New Moon of November 2019, with your innate power of manifestation. It is because you will become aware of some of your gifts and talents that you certainly could not see otherwise.



How to make the most of this New Moon?

The framework and strong beliefs you have adapted to this year are about to be blown up.

The energetic impulse of the whole Universe will change the era. If you always maintain habits, patterns, and energies that you do not serve at the highest level, the transition may seem chaotic, stressful but challenging.

But, thanks to the powerful cosmic configuration that will occur by the end of the year, we will have a rare opportunity to lose our old habits. A chance to reconnect with the real “we” and prepare our prosperity for 2020.

Here are five things you should do right now to get the most out of this period of influence:




1. Let go of things lovingly.

People, as well as places, objects, projects, plans, ideas or dreams, can all start wanting to come out of your life. You should note what you want to do. You must feel that what no longer belongs to your life. Notice what contradictions will arise in your consciousness, as well as any beliefs and thoughts that you have that no longer correspond to your reality.

You should also thank them and leave them afterward. If something weighs on you, whether you’re angry, irritated or upset, you may have an inner job to do.



2. Welcome the stranger.

The dark emptiness is actually a fertile ground. It is a time of the year when everything can exist in energy form, as well as in the form of thought, without it being necessary to protect oneself. So, you should allow yourself to dream.

Open to new directions in life. Another great way is to review your current intentions or goals by closing your eyes and imagining that this is happening.

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3. Surrender to the transformation.

This period will bring a quick release, as well as an ascent. But you should not work too hard either. It is not a state of being that you will reach after studying for a certain number of hours. Or maybe reading books. It is actually a flow and a natural cycle of the universe that, if forced, could work against you.

During this time, you should accept everything that comes your way. Accept and submit to transformation.



4. Have courage and free your fears.

During this new moon, it is very likely that strong emotions will come to the surface. You could also absorb emotions that are not yours. Let them flow in your body and mind.

But be careful not to anchor them in your being, by blame and judgment. You should also believe in your good fortune, as well as in your visions. Defend them fiercely, against people who will rather want to follow another path.



5. Nourish your body and mind deeply.

During such a powerful period, we may not be aware of the power of energetic codes that cross our bodies. They open up and restructure us to levels we might not feel. But, it’s real and it’s happening.

So limit your exposure to too much external stimulation, such as television, radio, advertising or any other media that day. All of this will hinder the soul work that is done for you, as well as by you, at this crucial moment. You should seek wisdom and guidance that will nourish your soul.

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