You are currently viewing Full Moon & Lunar Eclipse in Cancer on January 10, 2020 – Bringing Emotional Upheaval and Spiritual Energy

Full Moon & Lunar Eclipse in Cancer on January 10, 2020 – Bringing Emotional Upheaval and Spiritual Energy

2020 is a great year of lunar eclipse with 4 of them, and it begins immediately with a lunar eclipse in the sign of Cancer. This can bring out a supreme emotional energy because Cancer is the sign of emotion and the lunar eclipse is very emotional.

Put them together and feel yourself ruling the day! It can help us behave and we can use our emotions to motivate us to act. But it can also dissuade us, put us on the right track if we are too upset and caught up. So we have to take control of it, which may not be easy.

Cancer rules the home and family, so we can finalize projects at home, complete plans for family events and gatherings, make a move or a real estate transaction, and we can usually be more concerned with matters at home and with the family.

We may want to spend more time with people we consider family and get more emotional support from them. We all need emotional support, and a strong support system can do a lot of good.



Meaning of the lunar eclipse:

Meaning of the lunar eclipse

Lunar eclipses fall at a full moon and are very powerful. Lunar eclipses can be harsh because they often open a path for us that we didn’t think we were going to follow. They can speed up our soul journey by releasing something from our life or the enlightening truths that we need to realize to keep moving forward.

Sometimes we have to act during a full moon in order to benefit from the energies, but under this eclipse, we may simply have to sit down and allow the Universe to bring what it wants.

We can allow ourselves to be guided, we just have to put our faith in the Universe, and trust that everything that comes or everything that goes is part of the path and the destiny of our soul.

This lunar eclipse of Cancer works in tandem with the solar eclipse that we had on December 25 and 26, 2019. The themes around the solar eclipse can come to the fore or can be amplified under this energy.

As this lunar eclipse falls into Cancer, our attention can turn to our home and family environment or to our feelings of being at home within ourselves.

We all tend to feel the eclipses a little differently, but we are all likely to notice the themes that emerge around our home and our family environment and the feelings that these things evoke for us.



Lunar eclipse January 2020 Astrology:

The astrology of the January 2020 lunar eclipse focuses on communication due to the conjunction of Mercury with the Sun. What adds to all this energy is that the Sun, along with four other planets, will be in Capricorn, forming what is called a stellium.

This stellium of Capricorn will try to reign in the aqueous and emotional sensitivity of Cancer, but it will only make things worse, not improve them!

Saturn, Pluto, and Mercury are also very active around this Eclipse and Uranus is also preparing to park directly the next day. Saturn and Pluto are major players in the astrology of 2020, but the involvement of Mercury is likely to put communication first.

We are going to have to work on being clear in how we communicate with others and how we approach any difficult or tense conversation that may arise. We can also be encouraged to speak our truth and share our wisdom in a way that helps us to free ourselves and to shed some of the heaviness that weighs on us.

The lunar eclipse is also influenced by a major fixed star called Castor. This star is associated with success and genius when used well. But afflicted by so many oppositions, Castor can cause loss, insecurity and nervous breakdowns.

For positive energy, the lunar eclipse is sextile (positive aspect, two signs away) transit Neptune in Pisces. This increases compassionate energy so we can be gentler with one another, and increases intuition and spiritual energy. This can help guide us through the emotional terrain.



Summary of the Full Moon & Lunar Eclipse of January 10, 2020:

Full Moon & Lunar Eclipse in Cancer on January 10, 2020 - Bringing Emotional Upheaval and Spiritual Energy

Overall, the full moon lunar eclipse is heavy and will set the stage for the months to come. It will guide us to express ourselves, to open our hearts, to come into contact with our emotions and to work to feel at home in ourselves.

It can also create family dynamics or problems within the home. We may also feel the need to tell our truth or we may find that a truth is illuminated for us that changes our path and the direction of our lives.

The January 10 lunar eclipse will somehow guide us all to release and let go of things that no longer serve our ultimate purpose so that we can accelerate and leap forward on our journey from the ‘soul. We are ready.

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