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How Mercury Retrograde Autumn 2021 Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign

When it comes to this cosmic forecast, I have good news and less good news. The latter is that Mercury retrograde in Autumn 2021 begins on September 27, and as usual, it serves up three long weeks of confusing communication, timing, thinking, and technology.

The good news, however, is that this is Mercury’s last retrograde period of the year, so this one ends on October 18, which means we can sail through the holidays and into 2022 without any of Mercury’s antics disturbing us.

Knowing how Mercury retrograde in Autumn 2021 will affect your zodiac sign will help you prepare. Mercury in astrology reigns over all mental and logistical matters, which is why our plans, schedules, purchases, and conversations are often messy during its tri-annual retrograde periods.

This time around, Mercury is retrograde through the diplomatic and partnership-focused sign of Libra. Communication issues and confusion in our love and social life are going to be rampant now, so be very courteous and clear about how you are expressing yourself.

While there is certainly dramatic potential, we can use retrograde energy to our advantage by trying to resolve past issues in our interpersonal relationships and practicing the art of balancing different points of view before jumping to conclusions.

Retrogrades encourage us to slow down so that we can review and reassess things in our lives. However, we can feel even more impatient during the middle week of the retrograde, when Mercury aligns with the zealous and impulsive Mars and forms a trine with expansive Jupiter.

While these connections will energize our lazy retrograde minds and bring us optimism about new ventures, they could eventually make us very stubborn in slowing things down.

Instead of acting recklessly on your ideas, let them simmer for a few weeks and seek out outside perspectives that will help you weigh the pros and cons.

Waiting for Mercury retrograde to end in order to perform major movements will allow you to do so with much more clarity. Read on for your Mercury Retrograde Autumn 2021 horoscopes.




Aries purpleWith Mercury retrograding through your house of partnerships over the next few weeks, Aries, it’s important to spend more time thinking about how your words and actions affect your loved ones.

Unresolved relationship issues are likely to surface now, which means speaking your truth is a must, but doing so with compassion rather than harshly will help you avoid unnecessary drama.





Taurus purpleYour routine is turned upside down during this retrograde, Taurus, so try to adjust your expectations and give yourself some leeway to be productive.

That said, accepting these scheduling upheavals instead of resisting them could be a blessing in disguise, as it will give you the opportunity to examine what is working for you versus what is consuming your precious time and energy.





Gemini purpleYour multitasking mind may seem sluggish during this retrograde, Gemini, which means you may need to hit pause on your passion projects.

However, you can take this break to rediscover past sources of inspiration. Speaking of the past, watch out for exes who come back asking for a second chance! Dive back only if you really feel a spark.





Cancer PurpleYour emotions can seem a little funky under this retrograde, Cancer, and it could cause you to lose your rhythm at home and make you feel like you can’t relax.

Compensate for this by making an effort to be upfront with your roommates or family members and asking for the support you need. Passive-aggressive interactions will only exacerbate the tension.





Leo PurpleApologize in advance for the inevitable delays, Leo, as this retrograde could look like a logistical mess. Expect everyday communication to get muddled, your inbox overflowing, and getting from place to place to take twice as long as usual.

While you may be tempted to rush through your to-do lists, slowing down to think things through will actually allow you to go about your business more effectively and get things done faster.





Virgo PurpleThis retrograde is affecting your house of finances, Virgo, so avoid making any major purchases now, as you may find later that the investment is not what you thought it was.

But while shopping sprees are not recommended, now is a great time to review your recent spending habits and make an effort to balance your bank account.





Libra PurpleWith Mercury retrograding through your sign, Libra, you might find it harder to express yourself without feeling like you’re stepping on toes or misrepresenting your views.

But overthinking how you present yourself will only make you more self-aware, so call on your natural sense of charm and diplomacy to help you navigate any social pitfall gracefully.





Scorpio PurpleYou are naturally in touch with your sensitive spiritual side, Scorpio. But during this retrograde, you may find it difficult to access that keen sense of intuition or understand what your subconscious is trying to communicate with you.

Try writing down your dreams or journaling through your confusion so that you can reflect on your feelings later when time gives you some perspective.





Sagittarius purpleIt might be hard not to give in to the gossip over the next few weeks, Sagittarius, but do your best.

This retrograde rolls through your social sector, so if you’re not careful, you might find yourself in the middle of messy group dynamics and friendship drama.

Instead of stirring the pot, channel your energy into mediating and fostering calm among your crew.





Capricorn PurpleThis retrograde is storming through your work life, Capricorn, so now is a good time to take a break and assess where things are going in your career instead of trying to jump into new endeavors.

Mistakes are also more likely to be overlooked during this retrograde, so take extra time to review your business plans before submitting them and postpone any binding contracts until the backspin has run its course.





Aquarius PurpleMercury retrograde tends to put the brakes on our travel plans, Aquarius, so even if you dream of a distant vacation, now is not the best time to take or plan a big trip.

Instead of risking transportation issues and unexpected delays, explore your interests closer to home. Revisiting an interesting book on your shelf or reaching out to an old friend may scratch your adventure itch in a more backward way.





Pisces purpleAs a Pisces, it is often difficult to see boundaries clearly, but during this retrograde it will be even more difficult to understand where things stand in relationships.

That said, now is not the time to get deeply involved with anyone, whether through a financial deal or an emotional connection. Keep your things to yourself until the retrograde phase is over.



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