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Mercury Retrograde During Halloween Will Make Our Emotions Intense

Mercury is a planet that retrogrades quite often and when this happens a lot of people seem to be confused, but needless to say things could be more positive than expected. This retrograde will begin on October 14th and will stay in action until November 3rd, which means this mighty planet will be retrograding on Halloween.

This interesting retrograde will take place in the sign of Scorpio and with it, we will all be given a sense of passion like we have never experienced before.

When Mercury retrogrades in Scorpio, we are often forced to dig things that we would not normally dig into. For example, you will be more emotional and willing to let your intimate side out.



Regarding the energies we will face during Mercury Retrograde:

Mercury repeats two very difficult aspects during this retrograde, making three squares to Saturn in Capricorn from Libra and three oppositions to Uranus in Taurus from Scorpio. Squares and oppositions are stressful aspects, and repetition will greatly increase the pressure felt during this retrograde. It will be important to de-stress, focus on self-care, and seek help when you need it.

Saturn is about restrictions, delays, limitations, structure, and long-term planning. Since Saturn is exalted and dignified in Capricorn and Libra (respectively), we can expect that any of these issues that arise now will ultimately be for our own good no matter how unpleasant they might be.

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The three squares with Saturn occur in two relatively distant stages.

The first square occurs just after the Autumn Equinox with Mercury stationing direct on September 23. It might be easy to pass off any issues that are popping up now as someone else’s fault or a little bump in the road but that would be a mistake.

Paying close attention now might give you an idea of what will happen when the Mercury stations direct in November. As they say, a word to the wise is sufficient. Since Mercury makes the last two squares to Saturn while being direct (November 1 in retrograde motion and November 6 in direct motion), this will increase the pressure a bit.

Fortunately, the station occurs in Venus, and as a beneficiary, Venus offers some mercy through relatives, friends, or social contacts. Additionally, since Jupiter governs the third decan of Libra, we may be able to secure more leeway and rest from the conflicts of this transit than not.

Together these can help soften the blow somewhat, but in the end, we will still be required to accept at least some of Saturn’s demands for hard work, delays, and/or restrictions and adjust our boundaries, structures, and long-term plans accordingly.



For Halloween, this means there are a lot of things we could face as the spooky season unfolds.

While we want to have fun and experience things during times like this, we need to stay calm. Just because we’re more emotional and a lot of the tension seems to be heightened doesn’t mean we can’t make the most of the festivities.

One way to make the most of these energies is to really open up and do your best to spend time with people who are willing to listen to you. Don’t waste your time with someone who refuses to see your point of view or someone who won’t let you express yourself properly when you’re with them.

As you know, Mercury retrograde can be difficult, but it can also be a great learning experience for all of us. Reconnect with people you would otherwise lose, come together in a logical way, and stop holding back. Maybe this Halloween is our chance to finally have some fun while really letting others in for once.

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