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Monthly Horoscope February 2019 For Each Zodiac Sign

The month will open with Mercury in Aquarius, Mars in Aries and Venus in Sagittarius, which together with Jupiter and Uranus will offer unrepeatable opportunities to the Signs of Fire and Air.

In the second half, here is Venus in Capricorn, Mars in Taurus and Mercury in Pisces, who will take care of the Signs of Earth and Water.

The loves that will be born in the first part will be passionate and impulsive, more stable and coherent in the second part.

Mercury in Pisces, where Neptune passes, allied to Saturn in Capricorn, indicates that we could know and reason by combining rationality and intuition: therefore in a complete and perfect way.

The opportunities to be asserted, in work, in love or for personal reasons, will be there for everyone: the important thing will be to recognize them and exploit them promptly.

It is not enough to have the opportunity, we must also know how to grasp and lead with skill. And February will be important for this reason!

Do you want to know what the stars of February 2019 reserve for you? Read the horoscope of the month for your sign.


Monthly Horoscope February 2019 For Each Zodiac Sign



Aries February Horoscope

February will start with an extra gear: a lot of great determination, confidence in your ability, sociability, friendliness, and serenity.

Excellent skills that could help you take good chances to improve your life, wherever you want, whether it’s family, home, work or money.

But you will have to be timely, because as it continues, February will withdraw its favors leaving you at the mercy of conflicting feelings that will not help you make decisions with the necessary serenity.

Thanks to the transits in your sky you could experience deep emotions, start important changes and give the desired turn to your love life. Soon, however, will be your very emotions that will turn to gray colors and in your heart, you will feel contradictory and conflicting thrusts.

For the first half of the month, however, your passion will always remain warm and will guide you with confidence. Then watch out not to get lost in the maze of doubts and closure!



Taurus February Horoscope

A bit ‘of confusion in relationships, family or social or work, will usher in the month.

But you will feel confident enough of yourself and your choices to resist these first few non-linear days, so much so that before the middle of February, here you are ready to eat the whole world in one bite and to achieve the objectives set.

Home or residential projects, new collaborations, personal goals and much more: your dynamism will increase more and more this month, so that you may not remain a single moment silent and firm!

After all, the results are obtained like this!

February could start with a bit of distraction, perhaps because you’ll be busy in a whole other business.

But overcome the first days, here you are with a heart in turmoil and just before Valentine’s Day you are passionate and eager for pampering and a mountain of eroticism!

So you just have to wait patiently for a while before experiencing those deep and intense emotions you dream of. 


Gemini February Horoscope

February could not start better for your sign, favored by Mercury, Sun, Mars, and Uranus.

So, if there were any particular projects that you would like to realize, regarding family, home or leisure, give yourself in and take advantage of the favors of the stars.

Before the middle of the month, your little head will slowly begin to fill with thoughts and doubts, with the consequence of a certain confusion that as fog will prevent the correct vision.

Better to get advice before deciding!

Sensuality, resourcefulness, passion: you will find all this waiting for you in the first part of February.

You will want to change, to experience the thrill of more intense emotions, to leave behind any dissatisfaction to affirm your emotional needs without constraints and habits.

A nice look that you will live perhaps with greater linearity at the beginning of the month; then you will have to be careful not to overly cerebralize your emotions, which you could examine with excessive rationality, perhaps losing sight of the main meaning of love, which is all but rational!



Cancer February Horoscope

February will most likely start uphill, between nervousness and situations that you will not know how to handle.

You will then have to be very patient and wait for the second phase, in which your lucidity will return to excellent levels and you can examine the events of your life with a more objective look.

Serenity will also increase for the more opportunities that will brighten up your free time, for the most fluent dialogue in the family and, from the middle of the month, also a marked decline in problems and nervousness and an increase in your grit and resourcefulness.



Leo February Horoscope

February will leave with enthusiasm and joy, confidence in your ability but also some tension, due to a way perhaps a bit ‘too impetuous to express your opinions.

Keep this aspect of your character at bay, because if in the first part of the month it will only cause you some annoyance, from mid-February onwards you may instead face heated discussions.

You will enjoy the possibility of making your daily life more smooth, whether it be a work or a domestic routine. With the consequence of having more free time!



Virgo February Horoscope

For the feelings and every situation that will start from the heart, therefore for the love in all the forms, that regards family, children, or partner, February will offer you its best favors.

Feelings sweet and rewarding, the hope that will come back to visit you in a complex situation, increasing confidence, will color your days pink, provided however to ignore the doubts that will turn to your little head. 

Do not rationalize what you feel, and stay away from comments, criticisms, envies, and gossip: this will be the weak point of a period that could allow you to make an important change.



Libra February Horoscope

Your desire to live will manifest itself in the desire to meet new friends, for fun, for short or long trips, to get out more and to grant you all those pleasures that make life pleasant .

This attitude will be of great help to face a month that could be rather stormy, at least for the feelings, and with emotional storms that could also affect the family.

An evening out, a chat with friends will enable you to look at your situation with greater detachment, making it less pressing. Often the mood affects the way we look and does not really make us targets!



Scorpio February Horoscope

February will start with some clouds of bad temper, perhaps caused by a misunderstanding in the family or with friends, or related to your work.

Whatever the reason, you will face it and solve it with cunning and mental alertness in the second part of the month, ideal for fun and give yourself all those pleasures that make life pleasant and enjoyable.

You will want to go out more, meet people, maybe even if you can travel. But do not bicker again, this time with the partner or with the family: it’s a shame to ruin this beautiful climate!



Sagittarius February Horoscope

February will start very well for your sign. 

You will feel full of enthusiasm, joy, positive feelings. And above all, you will have a great desire to meet people, to open up to the world and have fun. So it’s easy to see you go out more in the evening, thanks also to your inexhaustible vitality.

From mid-month, however, the trend will reverse, perhaps due to some misunderstanding in the family, or domestic nuisances that will unnerve you.

But if you do not do a great drama, you will see that they will be small unexpected problems that can be resolved. Always be very clear, though!



Capricorn February Horoscope

Do not worry if the stormy peaks style begins in the month: a bit of probable nervousness for family or domestic matters, which you will have to face calmly and efficiently, but which will give way to a much more serene, if not very favorable, climate from mid-February.

The problems will be resolved, not only, you will also enjoy excellent opportunities to get out more and enjoy your free time.

If the problems had previously affected family relationships, now you will set up a more affectionate and timely dialogue. Really satisfactory closure!



Aquarius February Horoscope

Grit and enthusiasm, here are your personal assistants at the beginning of the month, which you will use to put in place projects of all kinds, from staff to work, through leisure and family.

An excellent time to think about the future and imagine from now on where you would like to be : do not be too precise in details, however, because from mid-February will start a somewhat turbulent phase, because unpredictable and full of setbacks that will force you to adapt your plans to circumstances that could change without warning.



Pisces February Horoscope

February, perhaps not immediately, promises you a period of great recovery and great, positive, changes.

It will, therefore, be your month and not only because it opens the period of your birthday. At first, the emotions will come back, which will be serene and rewarding: then you will feel more sparkling and communicative, you will want to go out more, chat with friends and relatives, and finally here is the grit and confidence will return those of all time. 

You will end the month with a peaceful smile that for too long you could not see on your face! 

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