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Monthly Horoscope June 2021 For Each Zodiac Sign

Despite the undeniable hindering effects of Mercury, Saturn, and Pluto retrograde, June will kick off at full speed, catapulting you into the second half of the eclipse season. While the upcoming New Moon solar eclipse on June 10 will play an important chart, your June 2021 horoscope is packed with action with a series of astrological transits.

First, there is the Sun passing through Gemini while its savvy governing planet, Mercury, is retrograde, which will change the overall dynamics of the season. For example, there is usually a lot of restless energy during Gemini season. People are out and about, traveling, flirting with new people, keeping things lighthearted.

With Mercury retrograde, however, it’s almost as if you have the option to circle back with the people you weren’t able to catch up with at around the same time last year, given social distancing restrictions. On June 2, romantic Venus will head into the sentimental waters of Cancer, where it will stay until June 27.

Meanwhile, the goddess of sensuality and pleasure will shift your financial and romantic perspective towards emotional security. Venus’s divine counterpart, Mars, will enter Leo on June 11, giving the collective plenty of passionate energy.

Shortly after, on June 14, Saturn and Uranus will face off for the second time, since February 21, disrupting everything from the status quo to outdated lifestyles. The Sun will enter intuitive Cancer on June 20, a few minutes before Jupiter retrogrades into Pisces, which will encourage you to come back inward in order to reconnect with your inner compass.

Mercury will be stationing direct in Gemini on June 22, just in time for Cancer season, the season of emotional intelligence. After the Full Moon in Capricorn on June 24, Neptune will go retrograde in Pisces on June 25.

This will dissolve the fog between the two worlds, allowing you to tap into your intuition and dream world with much less confusion and with greater ease. The month of June ends on an interesting note as Venus makes its sparkling debut in Leo, where love seems greater than life itself.

When you mix the effects of Eclipse Season, Mercury retrograde, and Venus in Leo, I dare say this summer will be a whirlwind of romance. In the meantime, here’s what June has in store for you, according to your zodiac sign:




AriesYou have a lot on your plate, but there is a silver lining. June will teach you how to juggle, as it will pick up the pace when it comes to your conversations, community affairs, and the immediate environment.

The challenge? Focusing on your due diligence may seem more difficult than usual, so be aware of where your energy is going.

The good news is that you will have the support of those closest to you, especially with Venus dazzling through your fourth house of home, family, and emotional foundations.

Your governing planet, Mars, will finally be back to basics, as it will debut in your fellow fire sign, Leo. Work hard so you can play harder.





TaurusYou reflect on your values and your relationship with money. Your Venusian soul knows a thing or two about abundance, but there is even more to discover this month.

In addition to reconsidering your next big move and/or career plan, you also have the opportunity to get more used to your gifts.

This not only includes your natural talents, but also the value you bring to each situation. Money is most definitely your territory, but with the support of those close to you, through Venus, your governing planet’s shift into Cancer, you will be examining your finances with a new eye.

Do not insist on the result, you are building towards the future, so keep an eye on the prize.





GeminiYou are celebrating another blessed journey around the Sun. Happy birthday, Gemini. The spotlight is on you and we love to see it. As you know, your curious governing planet, Mercury, will retrograde through your sign until June 22.

However, that doesn’t take away from the momentum that is going on, let alone the abundance coming your way.

In addition, with the upcoming New Moon Solar Eclipse activating your mutable territory, you’re probably thinking about everything from lifestyle changes to career opportunities.

If not, it’s never too late to start. Luckily, Venus will enter your second house of dollar signs this month, reminding you of your worth and intuitively guiding you to the jackpot.





CancerYou take the time to go inward and practice more self-esteem. You are ruled by the Moon, so you know how things go during the eclipse season. Having said that, you are intuitively driven to nurture everyone around you, but it’s time for you to nurture yourself.

Venus’ shift to your sign on June 2 will certainly sweeten things up, especially when it comes to your finances and relationships, but there is more. It will give you the opportunity to indulge yourself and get the abundance you deserve, so keep this heart chakra open.

Relationships that once lacked clarity might come back for consideration, but the passage of Mars into your second house of values will remind you to prioritize your worth in the process.





LeoYou are mingling, socializing, and reconnecting with your friends. You are a social butterfly whenever the Sun crosses Gemini, and you also tend to feel empowered by the element air.

While in addition to the New Moon solar eclipse shaking up your 11th house of associations, Mercury is also retrograde in this area of your birth chart, providing you with the opportunity to reflect, revisit, and revisit everything from professional relationships to future hopes and dreams.

Venus will slip into your secretive 12th house of karma and loneliness on June 2, before Mars makes its fiery debut in your sign on June 11. This will help you take a closer look at the value of your actions and connections.





VirgoYou get to work and progress in all directions. You are reaching a milestone in your career and you deserve a pat on the back.

Your curious governing planet, Mercury, is retrograde and seated near the Sun and the North Node via your ambitious 10th house of authority, the same area of your chart dominated by this month’s New Moon solar eclipse, putting it from the legacy you are building to the professional you aspire to be under a microscope.

You look to the future with curiosity and enthusiasm, but the passage of Venus in your social sector reminds you to lean on the support of your friends. Also, don’t be afraid of the spotlight, start getting used to it instead.





LibraYou are on a journey of self-discovery and exploring your curiosities. There is a lot happening in your ninth house of adventure, faith, and expansion, including the upcoming New Moon Solar Eclipse, giving you the opportunity to venture into the unknown. What’s the catch?

Mercury is retrograde, so try to keep in mind the opportunities you are willing to take, especially if it seems impulsive. On a more positive note, you feel inspired, eager to learn and collaborate on new projects.

With the help of your governing planet, sprinkling its Venusian magic on your 10th public career house, you will be fully supported in your next great endeavor.





ScorpioYou purge toxic thought patterns and rise again. You and Gemini are the most “intimidating” signs in the zodiac, yet there is something about the energy of the Gemini season that you just can’t resist.

In addition to the notorious Mercury retrograde effects, the New Moon Solar Eclipse will ignite your auspicious eighth house of debt, intimacy, shared resources, energy exchanges, and soulmate connections.

While you may know a thing or two about losing your snakeskin, June offers you the opportunity to recognize, communicate, and purge the wounds that still haunt the darkest corners of your psyche.

Venus will slip into your ninth house of adventurous expansion on June 2, and Mars will bring heat to your career sector on June 11. In order to embark on these phenomenal new beginnings, let go of whatever does not serve you well.





SagittariusYou re-evaluate things, especially the value of your connections. It doesn’t hurt to double-check, especially if it’s coming back around for a second look.

In addition to putting your relationships in the spotlight, the June New Moon solar eclipse will bring a fresh start to your seventh house of agreements, compromises, negotiations, and other significant others, encouraging you to think about your own approach to others.

Contracts and entanglements could also be looked at during Venus’ passage into your intimate eighth house, but how much of yourself you are investing is only up to you. Mars’s shift to Leo on June 11 changes your perspective, which will allow you to see the big picture of the current situation.





CapricornYou reassess the dynamics of your daily routines. The Gemini season shines a light on your sixth house of daily duties, due diligence, and acts of service, including this month’s New Moon solar eclipse, bringing everything from your health habits to the schedule of your days to the fore.

Even though you find solace in your current dynamics, June encourages you to prioritize your productivity levels, especially if you’ve burned out.

The good news is that Venus will move into your seventh house of significant others and other people on June 2, bringing you closer to your loved ones and the support you need.

Mars will enter your eighth house of sex and spiritual unions on June 11, reminding you of the intimacy you crave in your relationships.





AquariusYou rekindle the inner flame and connect with your inner child. This month’s New Moon Solar Eclipse will ignite your fifth house of fun, creativity, passion, romance, and self-expression, providing the opportunity to start an exciting new beginning, be it in terms of love or your creative musings.

Your two governing planets, Saturn and Uranus, will face off for the second time this year, disrupting your foundations and potentially revolutionizing your relationship with the source.

Venus will enter Cancer and your sixth house of routine on June 2, which will help alleviate some of the chaos you typically experience in your day-to-day life. Mars will heat up your relationship sector shortly after June 11. Use this passionate energy wisely.





PiscesYou take a closer look at the foundations of your education. Home is where your heart is this month, and let’s just say your mind needs all the care and nourishment it can get.

In addition to Mercury retrograde, the June New Moon solar eclipse will shake up your fourth house of home, family, ancestral patterns, and inner foundations, bringing an influx of insight and clarity, especially in what concerns your emotional psyche and your family dynamics in general.

Some Pisceans might even move into a new home or decide to rearrange their living space. Either way, something takes you back to your childhood, allowing you to put some important puzzle pieces together in the process.

When you least expect it, Venus’ shift into Cancer could greet you with the enchanting love story you are looking for. Remember, it starts with you, so open your heart.



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