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The Full Moon of November 12, 2019 may be Difficult for These Signs of the Zodiac

There is a reason why everyone holds their breath and prepares for powerful energies on a full moon. After all, it is at this moment that the Moon is at its peak and the strongest. In astrology, the moon governs your inner emotional world and governs your shadowy self.

When the Moon and the Sun form an opposition, it is difficult to hide the truth, which is one of the reasons why the Moon of November 2019 may be difficult for these signs of the zodiac.

Even though everyone will be influenced by the power of lunar energy, not everyone will appreciate the direction in which they are trained, especially if their Sun or Moon falls into Gemini, Libra or Aquarius.

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When the moon is in Taurus, she is exalted – the moon loves to be in Taurus. This zodiac sign is romantic, sensual and practical, which clarifies your emotions and helps you manage your feelings by taking concrete action.

However, for the air signs, it will be less simple. Because the air is hard to cross the earth. When the full moon burst into the universe on November 12, the air signs could be very destabilized. But do not be afraid, because the experience will teach you a lot.

Formulating an opposition to Mercury – the planet of communication and cognitive function – as it moves backward through the Scorpio’s black, sensitive waters, this Full Moon will not fail to spark uncomfortable conversations and resurrect forgotten attachments for a long time.

There may still be something from your past that needs to be addressed. However, you are told what your future might look like. This Full Moon forms a trine with Saturn the stable and metamorphosing Pluto, evoking visions for your next directions. To know more about this Full Moon in Taurus and its effects read: The Full Moon in Taurus of November 12.


Gemini: Your deepest and darkest secrets can be revealed.

You may feel as if you are swimming in reality and feeling disconnected.

This is because you are more in touch with your subconscious than usual, which means that it is even more difficult not to see and be aware of your truth. You might feel obliged to reveal a secret that you have been hiding for a long time and you could even be caught off guard with a revelation.

Time alone may be necessary for you to deal with all those strange feelings that disrupt your understanding of life. Let yourself be healed of these disturbances. Remember that if nothing makes sense during this Full Moon, it’s normal.



Libra: You might be dealing with a strange internal struggle.

You are driven to let go and free yourself of something that no longer has a place in your life.

You may have invested so much of your heart into a situation, relationship or project, but it’s time to realize that you could cling to something that has no future.

Even if you are content with bad habits or destructive ways of thinking, you must now redirect your energy and make better choices for the future. The transformation is beautiful, but unfortunately, the transformation is also messy, chaotic and far from easy.

You must let something die so that something else can be born.



Aquarius: You might feel super emotional and vulnerable

You probably do not like to admit that you need care and affection, but no one is immune to the desire for comfort.

Whether spending time with your most intimate loved ones or wrapping yourself in a big warm blanket at home, you need to make sure you feel safe.

You may even realize that you sacrificed your heart for something that you felt was more important.

Even if you thought you could put your feelings on the back burner, it’s time to face the injustice you feel. Create your own private and sacred paradise in the midst of this chaotic universe.

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