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The Most Brutally Honest and Sincere Portrayal of Your Zodiac Sign

The Internet is full of articles using zodiac signs to assess many areas of our personality.

With just a few minutes with the help of Google, you can find out who your perfect partner is, what career you should pursue, what color you should wear for your next job interview and what type of pet you should have at home – all determined by actively assessing the unique personality traits associated with each individual sign.

Some of us strongly believe in the influence that Zodiac can have, researching and assessing how it can impact our lives. We recognize that a deep understanding of our zodiac can allow us to move forward in life towards success.

Others will appreciate these items solely for entertainment value, spending hours reading the most random and humorous connections that have been made. No matter how much you trust these items, they are a great way to waste an afternoon.

With celebrities and influencers supporting the accuracy of the Zodiac, confidence in astrology is growing in the United States. In fact, the number of Americans who believe there is a scientific basis for the study is increasing, drawing more attention to astrology than ever before.

The question remains, how many of what we read are mere “puffs” and how many reveal the real truth. Can most people handle the real truth? Well, get ready, because we’re bringing you just that – the raw, unfiltered truth.

Discover the most honest and sincere description for your zodiac sign:




It can be difficult to organize everything all the time, but with a little effort, you could surely do better than you are at this point. Your disorganization is a burden on everyone else in your life, constantly trying to sort out your world for you.

Part of life as an adult is to step up and be responsible for your own stuff, so grow up and put on these big boy/girl pants and start organizing your life.





We understand, you are stubborn, but argue because you really believe what you are fighting for, or argue because you refuse to accept that you may not be right.

When others agree with you, it is often not because they really believe what you are saying, they just give up because they know that arguing with you is a pointless endeavor.

Is that what you really want? People who give in to you, just to silence you?





Undecided and inconsistent, you often don’t know what you want in this life and to be honest, no one else really knows what you want either. You confuse everyone around you, and that only creates frustration.

If you don’t learn to make a decision as soon as possible, you’re going to make everyone leave. After all, would you want to stay with the frustration that you create?





You are incredibly sensitive, very aware of the problems that exist in the world, but have you noticed that you seem to discover problems that no one else can see? It is not because you are somehow more in tune with the manners of the world, it is because half of the so-called problems in your life are completely self-created.

Running to friends and family for support over and over again, people are starting to recognize that this is nothing more than a figment of your imagination. Guess what, no one cares about your imaginary problems! It is time to face your insecurities and overcome yourself.





You have an ego, oh man, you have an ego! You are not only confident in yourself, you believe that you are God’s gift to the world, but let me clarify something for you, you are the only one who believes that you belong to this pedestal.

Your ego is impossible to live with, which is probably why you rarely see a second date. It is time to open your eyes and realize that the world doesn’t revolve around you.





Keeping a high standard for yourself can be a good thing. If used correctly, it can lead you to become the best version of yourself, and yet why do you have trouble maintaining relationships and keeping a job? You crossed the line.

You’re no longer just trying to be better, you’re a perfectionist. You refuse to settle for something less than perfect. Flash news: life is not perfect!





Your relationships mean everything to you, including your friends, family, and the love of your life. When life gets tough, you know they will always be there. Always … that’s the problem.

You literally can’t manage anything in life without someone’s help, taking addiction to a whole new level. Why do you think people keep running for the hills leaving you high and dry? It’s time to grow up and learn to stand up straight.





You live a life of passion, refusing to conform to the world and to follow the rules. You think, given the way you choose to live your life, that you have great self-confidence, but this is not the case.

Instead, your lack of self-esteem lets you offend anything and everything. Contrary to what you might think, people don’t want to attack you personally. In fact, more often than not, they really don’t care about you at all, you just read things and get offended where they don’t exist. Get over yourself!





You are incredibly confident in everything you do, I will give it to you, but here is a scary fact that I know you will have a hard time swallowing, you are not always right!

The crazy part of it all is that you actually believe that you know everything as if you are the keeper of all knowledge in this life. Try to open your mind to the idea that there may be even one person in the world who MAY have a little more knowledge than you on a subject. I know, it’s a wild thought.





Did you know that everyone in your life walks around on eggshells in your presence at all times? You don’t just express your emotions from time to time, you have mood swings that rival the biggest diva.

You are like a time bomb and no one knows when you are going to blow. The hard truth about the situation is that no one wants to be your care manager. It is easier to get away – no, to flee – and to maintain a safe distance. Do you even want real relationships? If so, it’s time to control your emotions.





You have a joyful vision of the world around you, keep an open mind to everything you meet, but let’s be real … You believe EVERYTHING, no matter how ridiculous and incredible.

Can a person really be so naive? You don’t know how to think for yourself? The next time you are about to chase a crazy idea, getting into trouble, step back and try to use your head.





Do you actually have a spine, or are you really that big of a pushover? Do you even have your own personality? You are so busy trying to be what you think everyone wants you to be that you have lost all understanding of who you really are.

Here’s the unfortunate part, people around you can sense something is wrong and they don’t believe you either. Take the time to understand yourself. Until you do, no one will care if you come or go.



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