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3 Zodiac Signs Will Be Least Affected by the New Moon in Aquarius February 2021

There is a new lunar start on the horizon thanks to the February 2021 New Moon that rises on February 11th. This New Moon has the makings of a peaceful Moon, given that it does not mess with the other major planets. But it will also be one of a whopping seven celestial bodies crammed into the same zodiac sign, which together make up the mighty 2021 Aquarius stellium.

The hyper-intensified explosion of Aquarius energy this lunation may seem overwhelming to some of us but for the lucky zodiac signs less affected by the February 2021 New Moon, it will be easier to navigate through.

Aquarius is the forward-thinking fixed air sign of the zodiac and the start of a new lunar cycle here inspires us to become more community-driven, innovative, and future-focused. Because the energy of the Aquarius season is so unconventional and rebellious, this New Moon is the perfect time to embrace your weird, quirky self with your most original ideas.

This lunation helps everyone channel the visionary Aquarius inside of them, so lean into your natural sense of inventiveness as you set your intentions. And if you’re one of the zodiac signs that the February 2021 New Moon affects the least, you can sit back knowing you can turn off the lunar intensity and jump straight into some exciting New Moon manifestations.



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GEMINI AUGUSTYour governing planet, Mercury, is retrograde right now, Gemini, which isn’t fun for a very communicative sign like you! But even retrograde snafus can’t stop inspiration and a sense of adventure.

You dream of your next trip now, be it physical or philosophical. Instead of focusing on the small details, take a step back to chart your goals from a big picture perspective.

By broadening your horizons and thinking outside the box, you will have the opportunity to make even your biggest dreams come true.

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LIBRA AUGUSTWith the new lunar cycle blooming in the realm of another air sign, you are ready to have some fun with the New Moon, Libra. Now is the time to listen to your heart and follow your excitement.

There is potential here to start a new romantic relationship, embrace a rewarding new hobby, or plant the seeds of an inspiring passion project.

You are bursting with creativity and radiant warmth, then you might feel like unimaginable opportunities and inspiration are materializing out of nothing. Say yes to anything that brings joy and relaxation so you can have fun.





PISCES AUGUSTWith the intensity of the Aquarius stellium unfolding in your peaceful house of rest and reflection, you are likely going to feel exhausted under this New Moon, Pisces. If so, don’t push yourself.

This lunation asks you to take the time to recharge your spiritual batteries and rest more, and it is important to honor your desire to step back from the spotlight.

There is more to life than your Google Calendar, and giving yourself a chance to develop your spiritual personality and do some personal soul-searching will remind you of the big picture.

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